Guy Tatsa

Guy Tatsa is a father of three children, born through surrogacy in the United States. His own personal struggle, navigating the complexities of assisted reproduction led him to found BabyBloom – A one-stop facilitator of surrogacy and fertility solutions in the US.  Together with his team at BabyBloom, Tatsa developed a unique method to manage the complexity of surrogacy and fertility journeys in the US, and maximize intended parents control over cost and process. By pre-screening surrogates and egg donors according to the intended parents specific needs and budget, and by creating guaranteed all-inclusive IVF plans, the BabyBloom team maximizes success and caps costs. Tatsa has degrees in medical sciences and psychology, and in the past 8 years, has created hundreds of families through surrogacy journeys in the United States. Complimentary One on One Consultations are Available. To book  contact Guy via [email protected]