Pamela Hardy

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2019-12-19 at 06:13:45

Pamela and Yon investigated numerous countries including USA, Canada, and India before they settled on Ukraine for surrogacy. After a false start with one surrogate due to her own citizenship challenges, their second surrogate become pregnant in July 2018. Quinn arrived in April this year to light up their lives. They hope to plan a sibling journey in the future and would not hesitate to return to the Ukraine.


On 19/20 June 2021, , Growing Families are hosting their first face-to-face conference in two years – Australia’s 10th Surrogacy & Donor Conference. Spurred on by Australia’s record low covid rates, the donor and surrogacy community’s need for connection, discounted domestic air travel and the desire to leave home, if only for a weekend, Growing […]

Growing Families have been working around the clock in recent months to assist parents from Australia, USA, UK, mainland Europe and Asia to travel to births. It has meant countless hours assisting with airline protocols, paperwork, embassies, visa, ground transport and that most precious commodity – love and understanding.We are sharing feedback below from just […]

October Seminar

Inspiring StoriesTotally inspiring stories abound in the Australian surrogacy & donor communities about the journeys taken by intended parents and the surrogates who assist them in the Aussie October Seminar series may sell out. For me, there is huge joy in being able to help hopeful singles and couples to create family. Some of them […]