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Sharon Thompson

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2021-12-22 at 11:05:54

Sharon was diagnosed with MRKH in her 20s.  She had hysterectomy in my late 20s but her ovaries remained. She and her husband initially tried in India but were unsuccessful.Sharon is now a little over 40 living in Dublin. She has boy/girl twins eventually born through egg donor surrogacy 8 weeks premature in November 2017 in Ukraine.


As 2019 comes to a close, it is worth looking back over the year at some of the trends as well as learnings in regard to Family building thru Surrogacy and or Egg Donation globally. Over the year, we ran 10 seminars in Australia, 8 in Europe, 1 in New Zealand, our National Australian conference […]

This guest blog is from Australian mum Jessie Schuhart McRae who will speak at the 4 July Domestic Surrogacy Webinar Infertility isn’t something you ever think about growing up.  You fall in love, get married and say one day when we are ready we will start our family.  For us we did a lot of […]

Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Altruistic surrogacy means that the surrogate derives no financial benefit from being a surrogate with the exception of having her reasonable expenses of the surrogacy paid. Commercial surrogacy is the opposite, being an arrangement whereby the surrogate obtains a financial benefit beyond her expenses for […]