Shereen Jivraj

Shereen and her husband Shafin became the proud parents of a baby boy some 27 months ago through India after trying unsuccessfully to have a family for some years . They chose India for two reasons; firstly it was tried and tested and secondly being of Indian heritage, they felt the process would be easier to navigate. The clinic they chose put the welfare of the surrogate above all else. Shereen and Shafin were able to speak directly to her to confirm that she wanted to be a surrogate to provide a better standard of living as well as education for her child and she fully understood that the baby genetically belonged to Shereen and Shafin, and they would be taking that baby home to the UK. Shereen and Shafin were updated frequently. Since the birth, their surrogate was able to move into better accommodation, and invest money for her daughter’s education. Shereen and Shafin have a thriving, wonderful son.