Spencer Tewis-Allen

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2019-10-05 at 04:58:27

In 2018 Spencer and his partner Kevin , after years of discussing the idea, had linked up with a wonderful donor called Rachel. They met a potential surrogate through a forum online and were 5 months into a ‘get to know you’ phase. This match came to an abrupt end when their surrogate accidentally feel pregnant to her partner.  Three months later Rachael asked if the couple would consider her sister, Leanne, as their surrogate! They embraced the idea. While there were dramas and difficulties with their son Sawyer born 8 weeks premature. Spencer will discuss what they learned in this extra-ordinary journey


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In this difficult time, Growing Families is providing an update on current travel restrictions which will impact intended parents travelling internationally for embryo creation or the birth of children. OVERSEAS TRAVEL FOR BIRTHS (updated as at 4.30pm 22 July AEST) You need to consider Whether your local authorities will allow you to leave your home […]

kate Ranger

Each October scores of attendees come together in six different Australian capital cities – singles, couples, gay and heterosexual, some in their twenties, some in their fifties. They share a common goal – to create family with the help of yet unknown angels – donors and surrogates. It is these more complex journeys to parenthood […]