Stacie Ludlow

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2017-06-29 at 06:25:37

Stacie  is a parent with her husband to three children.  Having completed building her own family, she decided to help others that needed the assistance of a gestational surrogate to become parents.  She proceeded to help two couples become parents by being their gestational surrogate.  Her first set of intended parents were a heterosexual couple for whom she carried twins.  Her second set of intended parents were a same-sex male couple for whom she carried a singleton.  She now works with Oregon Reproductive Medicine sharing her experiences as a gestational surrogate and what this meant for her and her family; advising intended parents on some of the key elements of a successful surrogacy journey and how to build a trusted relationship with their gestational surrogate; and answering the numerous questions and addressing the common fears that many intended parents have when getting started on their own surrogacy journey.



If your surrogate is due to give birth prior to 30 July in a country with travel restrictions, please contact your surrogacy agency for advice. The following ‘source’ countries have set up channels of communication with governments in respect to emergency travel and fast-tracked document processing. If you are from one of these countries, email […]

Mothers Milk Bank Charity

Giving Food to the hungry; Hope to the needy; Life to a baby Together keeping babies healthy as only breastmilk can. I am excited about being involved with Growing Families. I have already had the privilege of helping many intending mothers prepare for breastfeeding by assisting them induce lactation. It has been wonderful to support […]

Many intended parents need to travel abroad in the coming weeks and months for the birth of their child(ren) via cross-border surrogacy. Chinese healthcare authorities now have the best understanding of Co-Vid-19, how it spreads and how to prevent this. Note that animals cannot spread the virus. If you are travelling to a high risk […]