Stacie Ludlow

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2017-06-29 at 06:25:37

Stacie  is a parent with her husband to three children.  Having completed building her own family, she decided to help others that needed the assistance of a gestational surrogate to become parents.  She proceeded to help two couples become parents by being their gestational surrogate.  Her first set of intended parents were a heterosexual couple for whom she carried twins.  Her second set of intended parents were a same-sex male couple for whom she carried a singleton.  She now works with Oregon Reproductive Medicine sharing her experiences as a gestational surrogate and what this meant for her and her family; advising intended parents on some of the key elements of a successful surrogacy journey and how to build a trusted relationship with their gestational surrogate; and answering the numerous questions and addressing the common fears that many intended parents have when getting started on their own surrogacy journey.



While Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney are popular destinations for good quality IVF, increasing numbers need a surrogate and such services are harder to access. Yet a global audit of surrogacy agencies in 2018 showed China to be in the top three user nations of cross-border surrogacy globally. In the Hong Kong context, while legislation […]

This guest blog is from Australian mum Jessie Schuhart McRae who will speak at the 4 July Domestic Surrogacy Webinar Infertility isn’t something you ever think about growing up.  You fall in love, get married and say one day when we are ready we will start our family.  For us we did a lot of […]

The priority of most nations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been to close their borders to foreigners while getting their own citizens ‘back home’. Many countries have shut down government departments, closed visa applications – some have introduced night-time curfews. This repatriation focus on nationality over need has had a terrible impact on […]