Stuart Beard

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-11-26 at 02:56:01

After 4 years as foster parents, and hitting an adoption brick wall, Stuart & his partner jumped into the world of surrogacy through; another four years, two surrogates, and a lot of sleepless night later, their daughter was born in 2016.  Altruistic, traditional surrogacy was right for this couple, and their surrogate is now Auntie and a valued member of their family


Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy is an exciting journey and an ideal option when you are unable to conceive on your own. However the current Covid-19 pandemic brings added stress to both surrogates and intended parents, particularly when working at a great distance from each other. So during surrogacy arrangements now more than ever, a relaxed mind is essential […]

For those intended parents undertaking international surrogacy in Georgia or Ukraine, it is important to be aware that your baby or babies will be born stateless and that you will need to apply for Australian citizenship by descent before you can come back home. In order to prove a biological relationship, The Department of Home Affairs will […]

It has been our great pleasure and privilege to have worked with Irish couples who have pursued their route to parenthood via surrogacy. It is essential that any person who is considering pursuing surrogacy as a route to parenthood must ensure that they are as fully informed about the process as is possible, that they […]