Tamara & John

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2020-10-10 at 04:23:19

Tamara required a surrogate to carry her second child due to a chronic health condition. In 2013, acute early onset Preeclampsia meant her first  child was born at just 25 weeks. Given her high blood pressure was chronic,  carrying a child again gave Tamara a 60% chance of the same outcome. Instead Tamara’s younger sister offered to carry in 2016 and  they commenced the legal, medical and  psychological screening. Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers helped Tamara and John with the legal side of the journey.

John & Tamara’s daughter was born in March 2018.  Tamara will discuss their journey  and the intricacies of keeping surrogacy in the family.


There are thousands with health or fertility issues or a lack of the necessary anatomy that might once have prevented them raising a genetically connected child. Not anymore. When Film-maker and activist Lance Black and Tom Daley announced they were going to be dads via surrogacy in the UK press, there had been mixed reactions. […]

Many of us have benefited from egg donors to have a family – now its our turn to give back by becoming a sperm donor. Over the past couple of years, Australia has seen sperm donor waitlists escalate because of the pandemic. We’ve also seen increased demand for sperm, with increasing numbers of single women […]

The priority of most nations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been to close their borders to foreigners while getting their own citizens ‘back home’. Many countries have shut down government departments, closed visa applications – some have introduced night-time curfews. This repatriation focus on nationality over need has had a terrible impact on […]