Tracy Akoun

Tracy Akoun, an assistant manager in a care home, suffered repeated miscarriages, before having a bad experience with a surrogate con woman, who tricked them out of 400 pounds.  Then she and her Nigerian partner Pete decided to find a surrogate via UK social media. They were lucky enough to match with not one but two UK host surrogates – Kate & Tricia – concurrently.  With 200+ miles separating all of them, Pete travelled up and down the country, often driving through the night to provide his sperm if Kate and Tricia ovulated close together. Both women fell pregnant – using syringes and a Mooncup to carry the sperm – in Autumn 2015.“We were absolutely ecstatic” Tracy recalled. “I don’t think Pete took it on board at all. I think he was worried that something might go wrong.” Tracy will share their extra-ordinary journey which led to the birth of two girls just a month apart, including how she found the matching process and their current relationships with their surrogates.