Wendie Wilson-Miller

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2016-08-01 at 23:46:55

Wendie Wilson-Miller is president and founder of Gifted Journeys Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency, whose mission is to deliver the most trustworthy egg donation and surrogacy services and best possible chance for success in the field of assisted reproduction. Wendie is the current president of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). Wendie serves on the board of Parents Via Egg Donation and is the co-author of the book, “The Insiders Guide to Egg Donation: A Compassionate and Comprehensive Guide for All Parents-To-Be,”  published by Demos Health 


It has been our great pleasure and privilege to have worked with Irish couples who have pursued their route to parenthood via surrogacy. It is essential that any person who is considering pursuing surrogacy as a route to parenthood must ensure that they are as fully informed about the process as is possible, that they […]

Thousands of couples and individuals in Australia are waiting for sperm and egg donations to help them grow their families, including those experiencing infertility, single women seeking motherhood by choice, as well as many in the LGBTQ+ community who require donor sperm or eggs to have a family. A ground-breaking campaign, Life. Pass it On. […]

The priority of most nations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been to close their borders to foreigners while getting their own citizens ‘back home’. Many countries have shut down government departments, closed visa applications – some have introduced night-time curfews. This repatriation focus on nationality over need has had a terrible impact on […]