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Webinar - Ukraine Surrogate & infant Issues

London: Tues 8 Mar 2022 8pm
Sydney: Wed 9 Mar 2022 7am

8pm London/7am Sydney


Surrogates in Ukraine

This webinar brings together the latest information available on

  • Ukraine maternity hospital status
  • Road & border conditions
  • Decision-making regarding evacuation vs remaining in place
  • Driver availability
  • Emergency processes to document infants and allow them across borders
  • Parent & surrogate safety


About the Presenter: Sam Everingham has over a decade’s experience in assisting intended parents to engage safely in cross-border surrogacy around the globe. he works with parents, governments, IVF clinics and agencies around the globe. The non-profit Growing Families has assisted over 2000 singles and couples with their dream of creating family


Summarises what we know about which Ukraine clinics have evacuated embryos to safer locations and most importantly, the rules and logistics around importing such embryos to other countries and what the paperwork requirements are

Sam Everingham, Growing Families, Heather Anderson, Australian parent support

Summarises  surrogate mindsets, logistical and psychological barriers, Discussed the options of  relocation outside Ukraine for births and to safer Ukraine cities?  Covers the options surrogates & Growing Families have been using to evacuate these vulnerable families

Should surrogates be re-located and is this practicable and safe?Implications of relocation outside Ukraine? 

Sam Everingham, Growing Families, Nicole Delaney, Global Fund

Currently for most infants born in Ukraine to surrogates, birth certificates are not available. Neither are Emergency Travel Documents or Emergency passports available. Growing Families has established other means to evacuate infants. This session explains the documents required, the challenges and what you can pre-prepare. It also covers what an Emergency Travel Document is and what the limitations of these are.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families, Sophie Labaune, French parent support, Amit B, Parent during the war

Covers the legal implications of births occurring outside Ukraine and practical guidance on our arrangements with one Warsaw-based private hospital & a Moldova hospital to facilitate surrogate births

Sam Everingham, Growing Families, Kasia Lesniak, Polish Support

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via email: [email protected].

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