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2:30pm – 6pm Saturday 19th October

1804, 18th Floor. Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong MTR Admiralty Station – Exit A

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Overview of Third-Party Reproduction Options

One of the globe’s leading experts on options and eligibility provides a guide to the choices available, the pros and cons of each and the experiences of parents who engage in local and cross-border arrangements to help them create family

Sam Everingham, Director, Growing Families

Surrogacy in Ukraine

In the last few years, the number of agencies & IVF clinics in Ukraine catering to foreigners has increased enormously. While the country has strict eligibility criteria for intended parents, success rates are impressive. Nadiia Melenevska is from one of Ukraine’s most experienced and long-running IVF clinics. She explains Ukraine processes, eligibility and what to look for in providers.

Nadiia Melenevska, IVMed, Kiev, Ukraine

Success Rates, Risks and Guarantees

Good quality embryos are a key factor in determining the success or failure of IVF. While the US publishes auditted success rates by clinic, most other countries do not. Learn which measures to use to interpret success rates, and which factors can impact on embryo quality. What sort of risks do you need to consider? Some agencies and clinics offer ‘guarantee packages. What are they guaranteeing and are they worth the extra dollars?

Craig Reisser, ORM Fertility USA

Surrogacy, Matching & Relationships – USA

The US applies very strict screening criteria to gestational carrier applicants, to ensure they are medically and psychologically suited. Learn what these are, why they are important, and the criteria by which they and intended parents are matched under the US model. Understand communication and relationship expectations during pregnancy and post-birth.

Kathryn Kaycoff, California, USA

The Gestational Carrier Perspective

Hear from a US gestational carrier about what motivates her to carry, what surrogates look for in intended parents and how they are supported

Stacey Ludlow, Oregon, USA

Citizenship & Legal Parentage under Hong Kong law(Click to view)

Hong Kong has legal recognition of altruistic surrogacy and there has recently been a High Court judgement in relation to recognition of parenthood following compensated US surrogacy. Two local experts discusses immigration and legal parenthood processes following overseas births

Aaron Chan, Daly & Associates


Psychological Readiness for Third Party Reproduction

Giving up the chance to use your own eggs or sperm can be difficult to come to terms with. Putting your trust and the care of your unborn child into the hands of others can also be difficult. Hong Kong’s most experienced infertility counsellor discusses dealing with the grief around reproductive loss as well as how you can best prepare psychologically.

Dr Celia Chan

Private Consultations with experts on US, Ukraine or Russia

(Book these online )

Private Consultations with experts on US, Ukraine or Russia

(Book these online )