International Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy costs will vary significantly based on

  • whether you are using your own eggs or pre-approved donor eggs,
  • whether your donor needs to travel
  • the age of the egg donor, (as this affects IVF success rates)
  • the number of embryo transfers required to achieve a live birth
  • the country you engage in,
  • whether you engage through an agency to locate and support your surrogate or match independently
  • whether embryo shipping is required
  • the costs of your own travel and accommodation
  • how long you need to remain overseas for post birth
  • whether your new-born requires Intensive Care support

The cost estimates below are for agency-supported surrogacy and are minimum costs at at 1 July 2023. They do not include the costs of embryo shipping, travel, accommodation or newborn travel documents. Please note that actual costs for shipped embryo and egg donor surrogacy programs can be 20% -50% higher depending on whether there are medical complications, surrogate bed rest requirements and the factors listed above. Costs in countries such as Greece and Georgia have risen substantially in recent months in the wake of the Ukraine war.

There are many factors to consider as well as cost, including program safety, eligibility, track record and which programs will suit your circumstances

For consistency, minimum prices are quoted in USD.

Shipped Embryos$110,000$88,320$48,700$52,000$47,900$53,550$41,800
Egg donor surrogacy$130,000$93,840$51,900$57,000$54,000$61,200$49,000
Guarantee program$148,000$74,000$65,000$65,000$64.000
How are these costs sourced?

Growing Families conducts twice yearly audits of surrogacy agency costs globally, based on cost schedules issued by dozens of individual agencies

Are there other countries not included?

Yes there are some new , unregulated or emerging countries for which we have not provided costs. Please enquire if a country of interest is not listed