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IconNational Donor & Surrogacy Conference 19 June Domestic Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney Time)
Timing Description



Avenues to egg & sperm donation

There are a range of options– friends and family; travelling overseas to access donor eggs, altruistic donor organisations; fly-in donors, fly-in eggs. This session reviews the pros and cons of Egg Banks, friend/relative as donor, EDA – setting realistic expectations about contact with donor, donor limits, anonymous vs known vs identity release, Differences in what is offered by various IVF clinics

Online Forums – 

Many Australians use online forums for support and/or to locate altruistic donors & surrogates. While these can be useful, emotions can run high and posts be mis-interpreted. Being ‘shot down’ for an inappropriate post is commonplace. (more…)

Legal Agreements for Domestic Surrogacy

What are surrogacy agreements? Who writes them? Are they legally binding? What surrogate expenses are allowed? How does transfer of parentage work? What legal rights do Intended parents, donors and surrogates have?


Donors Own Experiences Traditional Surrogacy
Donors discuss what motivates them, how they chose a recipient, what to look for, what an egg donor goes through medically, what are the logistics and how they engage with the children of their recipients Why motivates some surrogates & IPs choose this path? What are the cost implications? What are the risks to look out for? What does the research show on psychological outcomes for surrogates using their own eggs?  Do such journeys require different levels of oversight? Will some IVF clinics allow  insemination in the clinic environment?

The  Counselling Process

Relationships between surrogate, her partner and the intended parent are a key to success. what counselling should cover; what the counsellor is looking for; preparing yourself; potential impact on family members; Potential red flags; resolving Disputes addressing the potential mismatch between IP and surrogate priorities, how  relationships can develop or break down

Katrina Hale, Narelle Dickinson, Rita Alesi

Medical Considerations in relation to Eggs & Embryo Quality

(Sponsor talk)


Parent Panel

Australian parents  join a panel to explore how expectations can differ, how to come to agreements on crucial issues; How support needs were or were not met; What were the toughest aspects; how to survive the unexpected hurdles; Managing expenses, communication, trust  and more.

Surrogate Panel

A panel of recent surrogates discuss their journeys, how they matched, motivations, support required, setting expectations, re-imbursements, , the toll on their own families, support in Fourth trimester, post-birth contact


Domestic donor/surrogacy journeys

Upfront planning, clinic policies on embryo creation, Sources of support, Cross-border issues, help an arrangement stay on track, non-mandated counselling

Anna McKie, Counsellor


Legal Transfer of Parentage

Legal transfer of parentage is available for Australian surrogacy, but requires a number of pre-conditions to be met prior to pregnancy and after the birth. Find out what these are and how to prepare

Donor & Surrogacy Conceived Young Adults

An extraordinary panel of older children and young adults via ED or surrogacy discussing what and when their parents told them, their sense of self, whether they maintain relationships with donors, surrogates and what they disclose to their own peers