8 parents via surrogacy share their story for the conference

Parents from Sweden, the UK, Israel, Australia & the US who used surrogacy in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Georgia will share their stories at the 12 August Stockholm conference.

One who will share his experience is Morgan, 39. He and his partner Mattias (42 years old) live in Stockholm. After considering and researching their options for several years, and the closure of India, Thailand and Nepal to surrogacy, the US  felt like their last chance. However their experience in the US was not good, so they turned to Mexico. where their surrogate successfully carried twin girls, born in spring 2016. Morgan will talk about their preparations and contacts with authorities in Sweden, obtaining legal guardianship and step-parent adoption process following surrogacy.

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Eduardo’s path to parenthood

Eduardo is now father to beautiful Zelda and Esther, each born by surrogate in Thailand in 2014. After undergoing his own surrogacy process, he realized that he wanted to help others to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Now he leads the first surrogate advisory firm based in Stockholm, Sweden to help European intended parents. Eduardo is dedicated to helping both heterosexual couples and same sex couples grow their family via surrogacy.

Other parents like Eduardo will share their experience at the Conference to read more parent stories visit www.familiesthrusurrogacy.com/scandinavia

Motivations of a surrogate, why do they carry? Nadine’s journey as a surrogate

Those choosing to become a surrogate often have motivations ranging from selflessness to egocentricity, from guilt to joy, according to the handful of researchers who have studied them.

The researchers are finding that, beyond money or the fulfillment of pregnancy, surrogate mothers may want to bring love and life into the world after a significant event in their own life, gratitude over being adopted when they were a child, witnessing the heart break of infertility casing a desire to help or many other unique and personal motivations.

Meet surrogates from the USA, Canada and Ukraine at the Scandinavia Conference to listen to them share about their motivations to carry and what their experience was like.

Nadine’s journey as a surrogate

Nadine completed her first Surrogacy journey in early 2017 and is already on to a sibling journey for her Intended Fathers who live near her in Western Ontario, Canada. She loves the close relationship she has with her Intended Parents, one that embodies the ideals of an Altruistic Canadian Surrogacy program. Nadine is a single mother to a bubbling young boy, and she works as a Surrogate Support Specialist for leading Canadian agency, Canadian Fertility Consulting. Nadine is set to transfer again in the upcoming months, and is excited about her second journey. She loves speaking to others about the beautiful gift of Surrogacy, and is a valued member of the CFC family.


Nadine and other surrogates from the USA, Canada and Ukraine will share their journey and motivations as a surrogate at the upcoming conference.

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