Surrogacy Consultants (Equivalent of Agencies)

Note that typical wait times for a properly screened, medically vetted surrogacy is ~10 months on average.

Name City  Province Contact Year founded Notes
Canadian Fertility Consultants Toronto Ontario Leia Swanberg 2008  Large surrogacy consulting operation with many staff. Many international clients. Lengthy wait times. Also own an Egg Donor agency
Canadian Surrogacy Options Toronto Ontario Joanne Wright 2000 Many international clients. Also have an egg donor arm
Surrogacy Canada Online Londesborough Ontario Sally Rhoads-Heinrich 2001  Canada’s Introductory Service for Intended Parents & Surrogate Mothers. Many international clients.
ANU Fertility Alberta, BC, Ontario Lorraine Brown 2009 Accepts foreign clients.
Canadian Surrogacy Community Exeter Ontario Angela Pickering-Peeters 2016 Small provider with active Facebook presence. Angela has been a surrogate herself. Has over 20 clients, half are international. Recent complaints received from clients

Fertility Lawyers

Organisation City Province Contact_______ Notes
 Fertility Law  Canada Toronto Ontario Sara Cohen  Highly regarded. Works with foreign clients
 Hope Springs  Fertility Law Toronto Ontario Cindy Wasser  A mother via surrogacy herself. Works with foreign clients
  D2Law Toronto Ontario Anatoly Dvorkin
  Shirley Eve    Levitan Toronto Ontario Shirley Levitan  practising in fertility law for over 20 years. Has represented hundreds of clients from around the globe
 Lisa Feldstein Markham Ontario Lisa Feldstein
 NKP Law Markham Ontario Nicolle Kopping-Pavar
 Flowerday Law Toronto Ontario Michelle Flowerday
 David Goldstein Toronto Ontario David Goldstein
 Jordon Battista Toronto Ontario Kelly Jordon
 Nancy Lam Toronto Ontario Nancy Lam
 Nelligan O’Brien Payne Ottawa Ontario Erin Lepine
 Sherry Levitan North York Ontario  Sherry Levitan
Giesbrecht, Griffin, Funk & Irvine Kitchener Ontario  Karin Maiterth
 Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick Richmond British Columbia Lawrence Kahn
 Randall & Murrell Victoria British Columbia Mary Murrell
 Stewart Johnson Victoria British Columbia Danielle Topliss
 Moe Hannah Calgary Alberta Alex MacNab  Alex is a gay dad via surrogacy, so well-versed in the legal requirements. Works with foreign clients
 DBB Law Calgary Alberta Ellen Embury
 Taylor McCafrey Winnipeg Manitoba  Robynne Kazina
 Northrup & Company Saint John  New Brunswick  Victoria Valeri
Doreen Brown Montreal Quebec  Doreen Brown

IVF Providers

Name City Province Contact Notes
 Create Fertility Centre Toronto  Ontario  Dr Clifford Librach  Highly regarded. Will accept embryos from many jurisdictions. Reported high success rates. Offer parent concierge service
 Victoria  Fertility Victoria  British Columbia  Ms Penny Hudson  The Howard Johnson Hotel on Elk Lake Drive and the Accent Inn on Maple Street both offer preferred rates to VFC patients
 Repromed Toronto  Ontario  Dr Alfonso Del Valle  Smaller, with longer wait times but handle hundreds of surrogacy arrangements annually including for international intended parents. Reported high success rates
 Anova Fertility & Reproductive Heath Toronto  Ontario Petra Hollosi  Toronto-based IVF clinic that does domestic and international surrogacy