Service Providers Georgia

It can be helpful to engage an experienced surrogacy agency who can be your main point of contact as you deal with health professionals and other stakeholders from a number of jurisdictions. These providers have significant experience.

For further information and contacts at these organisations please contact us at:

Service Provider NameService ProvidedCity
Center for Parenting by SurrogacySurrogacy AgencyIsrael
Georgian-British Center for Donation & Reproduction Surrogacy AgencyTbilisi
Surrogacy & Donation CenterEgg Donor and surrogacy agencyTbilisi
New Life GeorgiaSurrogacy Agency 
 Happy FamilySurrogacy AgencyTblisi
 ReproArt (Georgian-American Reproductive Center)IVF ProviderTbilisi
IVF GeorgiaIVF ProviderTbilisi
ChaChava Clinic IVF Provider & Surrogacy AgencyTbilisi
In Vitro GeorgiaIVF Provider & surrogacy agencyTbilisi
Innova IVF ProviderTbilisi
BetaPlus FertilityIVF ProviderTbilisi
Atlas IVF (formerly Visit & Care)IVF ProviderTbilisi