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 Law Firms  with surrogacy specialisation    
A City law Firm Young, popular lawyer who tries to simplify processes for intended parents & surrogates London Andrew Spearman
Dawson Cornwell Expert on cross-border surrogacy law London Colin Rogerson
Natalie Gamble Associates High profile expert in UK surrogacy arrangements. Also advise on US & Canada   Natalie Gamble
Louisa Ghevaert Associates topical blog, news and resources section & legal packages (£600 – £1,800 plus VAT) and bespoke legal support (hourly rates £300 – £375 plus VAT). Dorset Louisa Ghaevert
Surrogacy Lawyers Very reasonable pricing. Specialist in advising UK citizens engaging in Eastern Europe, Africa, Greece and elsewhere   Harjit Sarang
Laytons Growing experience in domestic surrogacy Manchester Liz Bottrill
O’Neill Patient Solicitors specialist in GLBTI issues Manchester Suzanne Moore
Alternative Family Law specialist in GLBTI issues London Andrea Woelke
Kingsley Napley For migration issues (eg where intended parent not UK citizen) London Nicolas Rollason
Surrogacy  support (Non-profit)    

Their prime objective is to pass on collective experience to surrogates and would be parents, helping them to understand the implications of surrogacy and to deal with any problems that may arise during it.
 Membership fees contribute to the administration and day to day running costs 

UK-wide Kim Cotton
Brilliant Beginnings  Professionally run, but more costly support in UK surrogate introductions, screening & support   Helen Prosser
Surrogacy UK Popular, active ‘friendship-first’ surrogacy community which facilities UK-wide education, mentoring and meet-ups + twice yearly conference UK-wide  
Proud to Be Parents Education & support for LGBT parents and children as well as intended parents Manchester Matt Taylor-Roberts
Kynisi     Kosta
IVF Couriers   Europe Simon Hedley
IVF    Providers with Surrogacy experience    
Care Fertility   London  
Centre for  Reproductive & Genetic Health London  
Non-profit  Groups    
Progress Educational Trust Education London Sarah Norcross
Donor Conception Network Education London Nina Barnsley