Some surrogacy agencies will help you select an IVF clinic that best meets your individual needs, as each has strengths in different areas. Others are partnered with a single IVF clinic. At least three IVF clinics do their own surrogate recruitment (see below)

Some Ukraine IVF clinics provide IVF ‘money-back’ packages. If pregnancy is not achieved, they pay back 90% of its cost. However you need to use an egg donor to take advantage of this risk reduction program.

All Ukraine IVF clinics will insist you don disposable sterile slippers when you enter.

Cost of medical procedures, tests and prescribed medicines vary depending on the IVF clinic. IVF procedures costs for Ukrainian and foreign citizens are the same in most IVF clinics. Though a few have a different fee policy, charging foreign citizens a little more.

Some Ukrainian IVF clinics prefer to charge for each separate medical procedure while others bundle up their services.

Surrogacy Providers

Gryshchenko Clinic-IVFKharkiv
Happy MomsKiev
Ilaya/td> Kiev
IV Med/td> Kiev
New Hope/td> Kiev
New Life UkraineKievSvetlana
Manor SurrogacyKiev
Mother and ChildKiev
Parentage Pro/td> Kiev
Perfect SurrogacyOdessa
Reproductive Agency Ukr.comKiev
Rikas MedicalKiev
World Center of BabyKiev

IVF Providers

Victoria ClinicSurrogacy, IVFKiev
BiotexcomSurrogacy, IVFKiev
Mother and Child IVF, SurrogacyKiev
Adonis IVFKiev
Nadiya IVFKiev
Intersono Surrogacy, IVFLviv
La Vita Nova IVFLviv
Surrogate MotherhoodSurrogacyKharkov

Ukraine Surrogacy Lawyers & Exit specialists

Family Law GroupLegalKiev
Poonam SurrogacyExpediting paperworkKiev
Skliarenko, Sydorenko and partnersLegalKiev
Anastasiya HermanLegalLviv

Ukraine Birth Hospitals

LelekaPrivateKiev One of only 3 private maternity hospitals in Ukraine – opened autumn 2016.
Owned by Assisted Motherhood who own Nadiya clinic (ivf). More expensive option that public hospital but each surrogate has own room with own co-ordinator