Parens – Ukraine

Service Provider Name: Parens – Ukraine

A part of PARENS Group founded in 2005 in Poland, Krakow. Parens-Ukraine in Lviv has been successfully providing all types of assisted reproductive technologies since 2012. They offer IVF with own oocytes, IVF with donor’s oocytes, IVF with sperm donors, IUI, all types of Surrogacy treatments, laboratory tests, genetic testing on embryos – PGD (NGS), consultations with IVF specialists, urologists-andrologists, endocrinologists, GPs, ultrasound diagnostics, hysteroscopies, TESE, etc. They specialise in treating both male and female infertility.


36 Shchyretska Street, Lviv 79011,


+38 (032) 295 28 75