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Surrogacy & Donor IVF By Country

A key question for many is where to access surrogacy or donor eggs. If it is legal in your country and you can afford it and can locate a suitable donor or surrogate, that may be the ideal option. (see Countries Allowing Surrogacy Globally)

Before progressing,

We can assist with:

  1. Timelines until you can expect to be a parent
  2. Advice on published and hidden costs
  3. Enrolling you without needing to travel
  4. Shipping your sperm or embryos
  5. Guarantee programs – what they are and which are really fixed cost
  6. Verified Parent feedback on the best and worst providers
  7. Explaining what legal protections  are offered
  8. Determining what programs you are eligible for based on your location, marital status, age and medical needs 
  9. Getting you overseas or home quickly post birth
  10. Health insurance advice
  11. Trustworthy professional referrals
  12. Cross cultural advice on surrogate contact, birth protocols
Embryo & Sperm Shipping

The table below summarises differences by countries which provide surrogacy programs

Before progressing,

It will save you heartache, time and money.