international surrogacy costsA key question for many is where to access International surrogacy. If it is legal in your country and you can afford it and can locate a suitable surrogate, surrogacy in your home country is the ideal option. (see Countries Allowing Surrogacy Globally)

Before choosing a destination, find out

  1. What legal protections if any does the jurisdiction offer to intended parents and surrogates?
  2. Is transfer of legal parentage available in the jurisdiction in question?
  3. What are the eligibility criteria for surrogacy (Do you need to be a citzen of that country? Is it available to single men? Gay couples? Unmarried heterosexual couples?)
  4. How long are the exit requirements post birth?
  5. Is surrogate compensation allowed?
  6. Is Health insurance available for the surrogate and any post birth complications?
  7. Are contracts legally enforceable?
  8. What Neo-Natal Intensive Care Facilities are available?
  9. What do these cost?
  10. Can the intended parent(s) be present at the birth?

Regulatory Issues which may be relevant

  1. Is there a Medical Registry for updating the medical history of the surrogates or the children?
  2. Is there a registry for the surrogate and children to exchange information when the child reaches maturity?

The table below lists issues related to international surrogacy costs and other related info in various countries which allow it.

Country Limitations Egg Donors
AUSTRALIA Altruistic surrogacy only available. No donor or surrogate matching available. Advertising for surrogates not legal. All donors must be identified

Ethics committee approval often required. Foreigners cannot access surrogacy in Australia

User groups such as www.eggdonationaustralia.com.au can provide
CANADA Altruistic surrogacy only available. Foreigners can access surrogacy via seperate Egg donor providers
GREECE Heterosexual couples and single females eligible. Foreign nationals allowed to engage. Surrogate cannot be compensated beyond out-of-pocket expenses Donors, if required, must be anonymous. Eggs/embryos/sperm are able to be shipped directly from your registered clinic.
GEORGIA Compensated surrogacy available  to heterosexual couples, including foreigners. Legal protections in place
INDIA Only available for Indian residents In-country donors are anonymous however donor photos may be available other details provided: age, height, weight, previous donation history, children, blood group, education level/ occupation
ISRAEL Altruistic surrogacy available only to heterosexual Israeli residents
KENYA Compensated surrogacy available to locals and foreigners. No legal protection
LAOS  Compensated Surrogacy available  to foreigners. Gestation & birth occurs in Thailand. No legal protection
MEXICO  Tabasco state closed to surrogacy. Other states have no legal protections. Embryo transfer occurs in Cancun or Mexico City often Caucasian and Latin Sperm and Egg Donors available. Possible to bring your own surrogate and /or known donor. No waiting list
NIGERIA Altruistic and commercial surrogacy available to Nigerian heterosexual residents Egg donors available
SOUTH AFRICA Altruistic surrogacy available to heterosexual South African residents
THAILAND Only available altruistically to Thai residents
UK Altruistic surrogacy only available. Advertising for surrogates not legal foreigners cannot access surrogacy in UK
UKRAINE Only heterosexual married couples Caucasian, offer photos with family history, occupation/ area of study, previous donor history and physical details.
USA Gay and heterosexual foreigners can access surrogacy here see surrogacy laws by US state Very wide range available from donor agencies or privately
Country Approx Costs($US) Donor & Surrogate screening Years Experience Legal Issues
Expenses: $10,000
Legals & counselling: $22,000
Donor screening offered only if through an egg bank <5 years Transfer of legal parentage available 4-6 months post birth if uncompensated surrogacy used domestically.
Surrogacy: $26,000 +
Local egg donor
add $5,000 +
according to age, genetics and lifestyle, mental and physical health  10 years Intended Parents named on birth certificate to meet the criteria of countries such as the UK, single surrogates are available and DNA testing is available
CANADA $90,000 >15 years  Transfer of parentage. Canadian passport available
KENYA $50,000 <3 years  No legal protection
UK Surrogacy UK, COTS >15 years Transfer of legal parentage available
USA IVF costs: $30,000
Surrogacy: $68,000
Other costs: $30,000
Varies by agency 30 years Parents names on the BC as mother and father
Surrogacy: $26,000 +
Local egg donor
add $5,000 +
according to age, genetics and lifestyle, mental and physical health ~5 years Intended Parents named on birth certificate to meet the criteria of countries such as the UK, single surrogates are available and DNA testing is available. No eligibility for Ukraine citizenship
GREECE IVF: $20,100
Surrogacy: $44,000
Legals: $10,000+
Local egg donor: $1,360
10+ years Recently opened up to foreigners
Parents names on the BC as mother and father. Court case prior to IVF ensures transfer of parentage occurs before embryo transfer
MEXICO $80,000 (incl US egg donor) unknown <1 year