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Surrogacy & Donor Options for All -Ireland-Dublin

Sat 26 March


Venue TBC

  • Learn what the IVF, donor and surrogacy processes really look like.   
  • Parents will share their lived experience and how to survive the unexpected hurdles. 
  • Based on ten years experience supporting hundreds of UK singles and couples engaging in cross-border donor and surrogacy arrangements 

This event will guide you on

  • What countries are safe and legal to locate an egg donor or surrogate
  • cost-effective options
  • Covid vaccination best practice for donors, surrogates and intended parents
  • IVF success rates
  • The availability of fixed cost (guarantee) programs
  • Ideal characteristics of donors and surrogates to maximise success
  • Sperm and embryo shipping options
  • specialist lawyers, migration agents & clinics

 Full day tickets  EU30
 Half day tickets EU15

Both ticket types include all catering and evening drinks function from 5.00pm

 Protecting Your Health

To ensure the safest conference experience,  presenters, staff, and attendees need to be fully vaccinated. Attendees may also be required to follow additional safety protocols, including wearing masks.5


What are the key considerations in Donor IVF or surrogacy?? How can you ensure you have the mental energy and strength to navigate this pathway? What are the pros and cons of various options? What risks do you need to plan for upfront? 

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Known, identity release & anonymous donors; Proven vs unproven donors; travelling donors vs in-country donors. Egg & sperm banks vs fresh gametes. Accessing donors of different races. Understanding your options in Europe and elsewhere and the pros and cons of each for you and your future family is vital. 

Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva, Ovogene, Ukraine

Whether you are using your own or donor eggs, this session will clarify the factors that affect egg & sperm quality and what can maximise success. Explains the latest thinking in Embryo screening/ PGT-A testing.

Dr Clifford Librach, Create IVF, Canada

The US has the best surrogate screening and matching protocols of any country offering surrogacy. However the quality of screening and matching can differ. It is vital to understand why this is, how screening processes and match times differ and how intended parent preferences impact this

Edvin Fogelmark, Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, USA

Many women harbour unresolved grief around their infertility. Moving on from using  your own eggs can be a difficult decision. This session features the lived experience of three  woman and how they ‘moved on’ mentally to allow them to have the family they dreamed of.

Panelists: Audrey Kealy; Sharon Thompson, Mary Seery Kearne

Moderator: Roisin Venables, Irish Infertility Counsellors Association

Canada has similar surrogacy rules to the UK, with some important differences. There are more surrogates available and Intended parents go on the birth certificate immediately in many provinces. However Canada is not for everyone. Nir talks about the mindset of the typical Canadian surrogate, how they are supported and what to expect as IPs

Leia Swanberg, Canadian Fertility Consulting

Increasingly intended parents are looking at ways to reduce international travel in family building. Many are choosing to ship embryos or sperm to avoid the need to travel. How safe is such shipping? What are the costs? Will other countries accept embryos? Are success rates impacted by using frozen embryos or sperm?

A panel of experts summarises the unregulated surrogacy options for LGBTI singles and couples in Argentina, Albania & Cyprus. Discusses the costs, risks, exit times and program types available, the differences in how each operates



What are the key issues to consider when engaging in domestic or cross-border surrogacy or egg donation, in relation to surrogacy agreements and contracts, your rights, those of your surrogate and how parties can be protected. Is an overseas contract recognised under Irish law? How easily can monies be recovered if services are not delivered? How does the process differ for those in Northern Ireland vs the Republic?

Fiona Duffy, PF O’Reilly; Ciaran Moynagh, Phoenix Law

During 2021, countries like Ukraine have had low take-up of Covid-19 vaccination. What is the risk to surrogates if they contract Covid during pregnancy? Have vaccination rates increased in 2022? If your surrogate contracts Covid, are their additional costs? Is your child at risk? What about egg donors? Should they be vaccinated?

Anna Lisnichenko, Perfect Surrogacy, Ukraine Natia Janadze, ReproART Georgia


For those engaging in cross-border surrogacy, this session summaries the steps to allow your newborn to travel to Ireland and be recognized under Irish law.

 Tracy Horan, Horan Solicitors, Ireland

Am I unfairly exploiting someone else’s reproductive capabilities? Surrogate and donors from the US, Canada, Ukraine and Ireland discuss their motivations, needs and relationships with recipients

Moderator: Roisin Venables
Panelists: Becky Loftus Dore (Ireland) Oksana Yatsenko (Ukraine) tbc (UK) tbc (Canada)

Being recognized as the legal parent in an overseas jurisdiction does not mean you are recognised in Ireland. If I am on the birth certificate, am I the legal parent? This session looks at how legal parentage can be recognised,  cost and timelines and what progress has been made on introducing legislation to recognise parents via surrogacy

Annette Hickey, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan; Mary Seery Kearney, Fine Gael

Parents who successfully engaged  in donor or surrogacy journeys in US, Ukraine, Georgia or Greece share their experiences, the ups and downs and their recommendations for those considering the same journey.

Panelists: Lucy Fallon (mum via Ukraine); Molly Tierney (mum via Canada); Aisling Hillick (mum via Ukraine)

Parents who successfully engaged  in donor and surrogacy journeys in US, Canada, Cyprus or elswhere share their experiences, the ups and downs and their recommendations for those considering the same journey

Panelists: Jason Kenny (dad via Canada); John Furlong (dad via Ireland) TBC (dad via USA)

Parents via Surrogacy or Egg donation discuss concerns about boning with an non-genetic child, when and how they talked to their kids about where they came from, what resources they used, what worked and what didn’t

It’s the elephant in the room – will using a donor or surrogacy f#ck up my child’s sense of self? These young adults born talk about their surrogate and donor relationships, and what they tell their friends about how they came into the world.

Your Ticket includes free 15 min Consultation with the surrogacy expert of your choice? Contact Ankita Agarwal at [email protected] for a booking.

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