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Surrogacy and Egg Donation Conferernce- Sydney

Sat 12 February 2022

10.00am-5.30 pm

Norths leagues Club, 12 Abbott St, Cammeray & live stream

This event is a chance for intended parents, parents and experts to network, share stories and learn from each other.  Learn what the IVF, donor and surrogacy processes really looks like in Australia and internationally.   Parents will join our popular ‘tell-all’ panel to explore how expectations can differ and how to survive the unexpected hurdles. 

This event will guide you on : 

  • Crucial decision-making on providers and destinations
  • Risks and how to avoid them
  • Which programs are you eligible for
  • Legal issues
  • Cost & timing considerations

Face to Face Tickets for NSW residents (from $25)
Live stream tickets for those from other states ($20)

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Protecting Your Health
To ensure the safest conference experience,  presenters, staff, attendees need to be fully vaccinated and should carry a full vaccination certificate or a doctor certificate for those who can’t be vaccinated due to health reasons. Attendees may also be required to follow additional safety protocols, including wearing masks


When you are placing significant emotional and financial investment in family-building, you deserve to know the current reality. What is the evidence of vaccination in pregnancy? Why are  surrogates refusing vaccination? Can I specify this? What is the impact on wait times? In non-English-speaking contexts, can I have an independent relationship with my surrogate? Why has Colombia  run out of capacity?  What is going on in Canada & the US? 

Sam Everingham provides answers to many of the questions agencies wont.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

As well as being able to compensate surrogates, US surrogacy and donor agencies are able to conduct thorough medical and psychological screening to maximise the chances of success and minimise surrogate drop-out. The Fertility Agency has been assisting Australians with US surrogacy journeys for many years. Here they outline what makes a good surrogate candidate and how screening, matching and support works.

Lauri De Brito & Kathryn Kaycoff, The Fertility Agency, California

Are there tests than can check sperm quality? What if quality is poor? Can I still make embryos? When is PGT-A testing of embryos recommended? What counselling requirements do clinics have in relation to donors and surrogates?

Dr Manny Mangat, IVF Australia

Australia has a severe shortage of donors in the <30 age group. As a result many source donors internationally. Ukraine has emerged as an increasing popular destination for donors given the good availability and high quality of IVF protocols. One f Ukraine’s leading IVF specialists provides an overview.

Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva, Ovogene, Ukraine/UK

US IVF clinics have significantly higher live birth rates with donor eggs than here in Australia. What is different about the US that might explain these differences? What work-up is typically done prior to an IVF cycle by US clinics? Do Australian & US IVF doctors collaborate on treatments?
Dr Lauri Arnold California Center for Reproductive Medicine

Increasingly intended parents are looking at ways to reduce international travel in family building. Many are choosing to ship embryos or sperm to avoid the need to travel. How safe is such shipping? Are success rates impacted by using frozen embryos? An IVF specialist from one of Georgia’s leading clinics explains the issues

Dr Tea Charkviani , Natia Janadze, ReproART, Georgia

There is much talk about surrogacy programs using shipped embryos, self cycle, egg donor surrogacy and egg donor guarantee programs. But what are guarantee programs? In what circumstances are they offered? Who is eligible? What costs are and aren’t included?

Steven Swanepoel, Tammuz Family, Australia

Canada has similar surrogacy rules to Australia, with some important differences. There are a lot more surrogates available and Intended parents go on the birth certificate immediately in many provinces. However Canada is not for everyone. Leia Swanberg has been a surrogate herself and now runs Canada’s largest agency. She talks about the mindset of the typical Canadian surrogate, how they are supported and what to expect as IPs

Leia Swanberg Canadian Fertility Consulting, Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law

Argentina is developing as a promising surrogacy and donor destination for intended parents from around the world. Tamari explians why increasing numbers are turning to Argentina to create family

Tamari Kachlishvili, Royal Surrogacy, Argentina

Sarah Bevan

Are surrogacy agreements and contracts binding? If I am engaging with an egg donor, do I need a legal contract? For international surrogacy, can an Australian lawyer review contracts? What is my legal status ? Is there a court process in Australia? 

Sarah Bevan, Sarah Bevan lawyers, Sydney

Dr Clifford Librach, Create IVF, Toronto, Canada

Many intended parents engage with surrogates in non-English speaking countries. This means placing far more trust in your surrogacy agency as a communication conduit. What kind of expectations do such surrogates have around a relationship with IPS? What regularity of contact should you expect ? Can you use Google translate and social media to keep in touch? What are the pitfalls?

Naia Adamia, Be Parent, Georgia/Cyprus

One of the more complex areas of US surrogacy is planning the medical expenses for your newborn. For example, if your newborn is faced with time in NICU costs can escalate quickly. Options for parents who live abroad and are traveling to the US for a surrogacy journey can work very differently to what you are used to in Australia. A team of experts is available to you and they will explain what you need to know in a brief presentation.

Hannneke Naus, Surroplans

This session provides an update on vaccine hesistancy amongst Ukraine surrogates, the impact of tensions with Russia on Ukraine programs, and what you should expect in relation to match times in the post-Covid landscape

Anna Lisnichenko, Perfect Surrogacy, Ukraine

A panel of recent parents via egg donation and/or surrogacy discuss their journeys, decision-making, the ups and downs and how to survive the unexpected hurdles

Todd Stevens (Dad via USA), tbc (mum via Ukraine), Mira Abunucerah (mum via Canada) Mahesh Oliver (dad via Australia)

Caroline Bilkey, Newborn specialist & founder, Mummy’s Whispers

Your Ticket includes free 15 min Consultation with the surrogacy expert of your choice? Contact Ankita Agarwal at [email protected] for a booking.

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