Surrogacy for HeterosexualS


Believing all you read on social media has its risks; as does relying solely on the experiences of past parents when costs, quality and alternatives are in constant flux. 

Growing Families concierge and education program accepts couples from any country looking at surrogacy and/or egg donation to build a family. Over more than a decade, we have supported many hundreds of couples who have engaged in surrogacy for Heterosexuals in more than ten countries globally. The options and logistics have changed markedly in recent years, not least due to the impact of Covid-19. Such set-backs mean our guidance and expertise is ever more frequently sought.

We can

  • advise on the complete range of issues which you may encounter
  • help you select a pathway & providers that best suit your needs
  • guide your journey, help solve your dilemmas and ensure your journey stays on track


For heterosexual couples, there are excellent donor progams in the USA, Spain, Greece, Georgia and Ukraine. There are excellent, legally protected surrogacy programs in the USA, Canada, Greece, Australia and Ukraine (and many poorer ones), as well as mixed quality programs in at least six other countries.

Too many couples say to us after a difficult family building  journey “I wish we had known about your service before we went ahead”.

We provide comprehensive information on your options; eligibility requirements; and considerations in regard to egg donor & surrogate availability; and in which jurisdictions both parents will be on the birth certificate.

We can steer you to programs to suit a range of budgets; we will help you understand the differences between anonymous and known donors and the implications for your family. We can explain what level of contact you can expect with your surrogate;  risks and how to control them.

Our guidance can provide  you with agency satisfaction ratings, IVF success rates by clinic, the differences between guarantee and pay-as-you-go packages; the wait times for surrogate matching; the differences between commercial and altruistic programs, timelines for IVF and egg donors, hidden costs, insurance options amid a host of other important issues.


We can provide assistance with paperwork required for program enrolment; how to select an egg donor that will maximise success; surrogate expectations; relationship building with surrogates; legal recognition of parentage; how to apply for citizenship, passports and visas for your newborn; reliable and affordable travel arrangements for births.

We can also advise on practical issues such as budgetting; matching with surrogates independently, money transfer platforms, DNA test providers and put you in touch with other parents who have completed with specific providers.


Most couples cannot locate a surrogate and/or egg donor in the same city as them. Instead, we can assist in getting you permission to travel or have your sperm or embryos frozen and shipped.

Growing Families can advise on reputable local IVF clinics close to your home. We can also assist with shared shipments for cross-border donor IVF or surrogacy. Click here to complete your Shipping Form. 


Where your circumstances requires, we can refer you to professionals such as lawyers, migration agents, counsellors, doctors and cryoshippers in over thirty countries around the globe.

Whereever you engage, our support will ensure your journey to parenthood is as smooth as possible, you make the right decisions upfront and your expectations are met.

Contact us GROWING FAMILIES to get customised advice for surrogacy, Egg or Sperm Shipping Process.