In Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has no law governing Surrogacy, however has been offering surrogacy successfully to African patients for many years. Kenya’s capital Nairobi has a number of IVF clinics run by successful Indian IVF professionals.

Please note Kenya is a homophobic nation, so if you are a gay couple, you and your partner will not be able to attend the hospital together. You will also get repeated questions about ‘Where is your wife/the mother?’ on discharge from hospital. Citizenship processes for Australians have proved to be lengthy.

Kenya is not recommended for foreigners unless you have a high risk tolerance and are prepared for significant effort

Child’s Status

When the child is born it will take on the citizenship of the IPs according to their citizenship laws.

Upon delivery , the Kenyan birth Certificate names the birth mother and the genetic father. Based on a letter signed by the surrogate, the biological father has the right to travel out of Kenya with the baby.


IPs can be heterosexual or single.

Embryos & Egg Donors

You may bring your own donor if preferred. Eggs/embryos/sperm are able to be shipped directly from your registered clinic.


Program costs start from US$30,000 – US$37,000

IVF Service Providers

Mediheal Diagnostic & Fertility Centre (Nairobi) – Dr Hrishikesh Pai from Mumbai, India iis one of their lead IVF specialists

Opposite Aga-khan Hospital, Nairobi Kenya.
Tel : +254 (0) 203520155, +254 722 218 416


Surrogacy & Egg Donation is a complex area and you deserve to know everything involved. Too often intended parents engage without full awareness of the risks and how best to minimise the chance of problems. To book in for a Surrogacy Advice Consultation with Growing Families Director Sam Everingham see our Fill our consultation form.


Expert providers and parents who have completed their family via this destination frequently talk at Growing Families Events. To attend an event to learn more about this destination and other options see our Event Schedule.