IVF Clinics 

The Bridge Clinic   Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt  Reportedly high success rates

St Ives Specialist Hospital  Four offices in Ikeja & Ikoyi.   Focus on IVF treatment protocols that are easy, simple, safe, less stressful and produce a high pregnancy rate . Reportedly high success rates

Medical ART Center  Lagos,

Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, Asokoro & Asaba


Surrogacy Agencies

Compensation for surrogate mothers depends on  many factors. Her educational level, enlightenment, location and most importantly her motive for wanting to be a surrogate mother.

Nigerian Surrogates  nigeriansurrogates@hotmail.com +2347067866986

An agency based in Nigeria which connects intending parents to Nigerian surrogate mothers/egg donors and gestational carriers.