Surrogacy Clinic RussiaSurrogacy has been available in Russia to heterosexual couples since 1995. The first surrogate twins were born in Saint-Petersburg. The official law concerning commercial surrogacy and financial compensation for pregnancy was adopted in November 2011

Surrogacy is available in large Russian cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg, Kalingrad, Vladivostock and Yekaterinburg. Costs can be significantly lower outside Moscow and St Petersburg.

Surrogacy Egg Donor surrogacy program costs start from EU34,000. In more western cities such as Moscow & St Petersburg, programs costs tend to be higher (EU50,000 – EU56500), with more concierge services available.

NOTE THAT as of January 2021

  • RUSSIA is no longer accepting Single men/gay couples for surrogacy
  • IVF Clinics require you to travel to Russia to start a program
  • IVF Clinics cannot currently accept shipped sperm

Russian law states:

  • A woman willing to be a surrogate must be aged 20-35. The woman does not have to be married.
  • A potential surrogate  must have her own healthy children (1-3) and be mentally and physically healthy.
  • The intended parents should be unable to have a child of their own, which must be proven by a medical assessment.
  • Marital status of the intended parents is not important. A single person also has the right to use surrogacy
  • Local surrogate  programs are accessible for foreigners.
  • Russian surrogates have  parental rights. However the surrogate signs a contract specifying clearly the rights of both parties and their agreement to give the baby to the intended parents. Surrogates key concern is that the Intended parents might refuse to take custody.
  • Surrogate mothers cannot be genetically linked to the child. It means all surrogacy is gestational

Surrogacy Cost in Russia

As of now, a surrogacy program in Russia would cost you in between $35,000 and $55,000, which is comes to around 2.5 million rubles (USD $39,000). Still it largely depends on the surrogacy agency or Russian clinics you are dealing with as the cost would include various aspects like IVF, prenatal care, and legal counsel.

Egg Donors

Russia comes as one of those few countries that don’t imply any restrictions on Egg donations. Anonymous egg donation is permitted with egg donor but the person has to be aged between 20-35 years while having at least one healthy child of her own.

Professional Advice

Growing Families Director Sam Everingham has recently completed visits to many Russian surrogacy providers, so can offer IPs fresh insights into the growing capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of different providers. For customised advice, please contact [email protected]

Russian Surrogacy Service Providers

For provider contact details & reviews, go to https://www.growingfamilies.org/agency-ratings/ .

Service Provider Name Service Provided City
International Surrogacy Agency Surrogacy agency + law firm St Petersburg
 International Centre  for Reproductive Medicine IVF Clinic St Petersburg
 Surrogate Baby Surrogacy Agency St Petersburg
 Next Generation Clinic IVF Clinic St Petersburg
Rosjur Consulting Surrogacy/Legal Support Moscow; St Petersburg
Nemama Surrogacy Agency St Petersburg
 European Center for Surrogate Motherhood Surrogacy Agency Moscow
 Eva Reproduction Agency Surrogacy Agency St Petersburg
 Center of Legal Support for Surrogacy Legal Support Ufa

Surrogacy Advice

Surrogacy & Egg Donation is a complex area and you deserve to know everything involved. Too often intended parents engage without full awareness of the risks and how best to minimise the chance of problems. To book in for a Surrogacy Advice Consultation with Growing Families Director Sam Everingham see our Surrogacy Advice

 Expert Talks

 Expert providers and parents who have completed their family via this destination frequently talk at Growing Families Events.  To attend an event to learn more about this destination and other options see our Event Schedule