Surrogacy Options by Country

Deciding on where to engage:

A key question for many is where to access surrogacy or the surrogacy options by country. If it is legal in your country and you can afford it and can locate a suitable surrogate, surrogacy in your home country is the ideal option. (see Countries Allowing Surrogacy)

Before choosing a destination, find out

  1. What legal protections if any does the jurisdiction offer to intended parents and surrogates?
  2. Is transfer of legal parentage available in the jurisdiction in question?
  3. What are the eligibility criteria for surrogacy (Do you need to be a citzen of that country? Is it available to single men? Gay couples? Unmarried heterosexual couples?)
  4. How long are the exit requirements post birth?
  5. Is surrogate compensation allowed?
  6. Is Health insurance available for the surrogate and any post birth complications?
  7. Are contracts legally enforceable?
  8. What Neo-Natal Intensive Care Facilities are available?
  9. What do these cost?
  10. Can the intended parent(s) be present at the birth?
Surrogacy Options By Country

Regulatory Issues which may be relevant

  1. Is there a Medical Registry for updating the medical history of the surrogates or the children?
  2. Is there a registry for the surrogate and children to exchange information when the child reaches maturity?

The table below lists issues related to surrogacy in various countries which allow it.

Commercial surrogacy, Workable laws. Almaty based clinics