Some will be desperate and motivated only by money. Most are divorced or single. Others will be looking to help a couple while also trying to improve their lives.

The internet makes access to forums in the United States and other areas where commercial Surrogacy is legal easily accessible.

Surrogates and egg donors have certain privacy rights that should not be violated. At the start of the process, you might not be able to view pictures of either the surrogate or egg donor. You may instead be provided with physical characteristics such as height, eye colour, or hair colour. However once you have been matched with a potential surrogate/egg donor you can ask for a picture and meeting. If after talking you believe they are not a match – then you can review other profiles.

The latest research also shows that surrogates who have met ‘their’ IPs at the start of the pregnancy on one or more occasions (eg via Skype) tend to report lesser levels of anxiety during the pregnancy. Hence make efforts to engage with your surrogate, at least via Skype.

Having a relationship with your surrogate can help address any obstacles before they become an issue. This includes not only their environment but also emotional fortitude to get through any challenges that come up during the delicate surrogacy journey.

Characteristics of a good surrogate
  1. Financially stable. That means that they can support themselves and their family based on their current income. They can’t be dependent on the money they receive for expenses from the surrogacy to live.
  2. A clean medical history. They need to submit to a lab test as part of the laws in Mexico for sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Have had at least one child and have completed their own family.
  4. Complication-free pregnanc(ies) (eg no gestational diabetes, anemia)
  5. have not had too many C-Sections to ensure that if one is needed in the event of multiples – this is still a viable option.
  6. Emotionally, mentally, and physically stable.
  7. No major mental health issues such as depression or schizophrenia.
  8. A healthy Body Mass Index – below 31 – because higher BMIs can lead to blood clotting, related to the medications needed to prepare surrogates’ wombs.