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Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream

Date: 18 February 2023

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For an individual or couple considering parenthood, navigating the family-building process with donors and/or surrogates can be an overwhelming experience.

Add recent global changes, COVID and the Ukraine war, along with an increase in demand for fertility assisted babies. All has led to changes in family-building programs availability, costs, and risks.

Growing Families Sydney seminar navigates the post-landscape, discussing newer countries such as Argentina and Georgia, and addressing the stressors on regulated destinations of the USA and Canada.

Now, it is more important than ever to be aware of potential risks and challenges, as well as how service providers are addressing these!

Join us for an interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ seminar!

Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream

Saturday 18 February
11.00am to 6.00pm

Novotel Sydney Central

What You Will Learn!

A global program of experts, doctors, surrogates, donors, and parents will openly discuss Donor IVF, Surrogacy and Egg Donor Options in Australia and abroad. 

Our events are curated to provide the most up-to date information for those starting or on a family building surrogacy / donor journey.

The interactive seminar format provides advice, introductions and answers to questions, no matter where you are in your journey.  We cover steps on how to first engagement with professional service providers to taking your baby home.

This event will guide you on:

  • Surrogacy & Egg Donor Options by Country
  • Medical & Donor Considerations
  • Legal Issues
  • Parent & Surrogate Panels

One-on-One Consultations:

Included with your ticket is the opportunity to arrange meetings with as many experts from the seminar as you like. Read the profiles on each of our speakers and email us to arrange your consultation meetings.


Leaders in their Fields Providing Information on Assisted Reproduction, Surrogacy,
Egg Donation and Legal Process

Dr. Said Daneshmand, San Diego Fertility Center. USA 

Dr. D. collaborated to develop IVF protocols that improve pregnancy rates and post-thaw extended culture.  These ground-breaking findings have been published in internationally respected medical journals.  Intended parents have travelled from 40+ countries in 1 year alone to seek his help!!

Dr. Said DaneshmandSan Diego Fertility Center. USA 

Rich was part of the team in America that developed the model for surrogacy legislation and guidance ‘Assisted Reproductive Technology’.  He has been published in the American Journal of Family Law and the Australian Family Law Journal. 

Rich Vaughn, Attorney, International Fertility Law Group

Dr Uliana coordinated the ground-breaking first international IVF procedure in Ukraine. Dr. Uliana has over 12 years’ IVF experience, performed over 5000 cycles, treated patients from 36 countries and has clinics all over the world.

Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva, Medical Director, International Fertility Group, Georgia

Tamari initially ran programs solely in Georgia, recently opening a groundbreaking surrogacy and donor program in Argentina. Her specific interest is in inter-dependencies of global and national practices – how policies are written based on different regional contexts and translated into real medical solution to better health outcomes. 

Tamari Kachlishvili, Global Surrogacy Consulting, Argentina 

Dr. Devine is a leading voice in improving access to ART services for members of the LGBTIQ community. She is a gynecologist, fertility expert and specialist obstetrician.

Dr. Bronwyn Devine, Reproductive Endocrinologist, IVF Australia 

Click for our full list of expert speakers

Fullfiling Your Family Building Dream

‘Ask Me Anything’ Sydney Seminar

Date: Saturday 18 February 2023
Time:  11.00am to 6.00pm
Location:  Novotel Sydney Central
Tickets: $55 + gst

Ticket price includes;  one-on-one consultation with expert providers post event, lunch, afternoon tea, and complimentary networking drinks and nibbles. The networking drinks provide an opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers, donor, surrogates, recent parents and children.

Growing Families have 11 years of experience supporting over 3000 singles and couples engaging in international donor and surrogacy arrangements.

Who should attend this Seminar

Heterosexual Couples:

  • Understand how age affects IVF success rates, when you should be considering a donor & what options are available at home and abroad
  • Understand why the Ukraine is now a dangerous option for surrogacy
  • Learn about embryo shipping options, costs and risks

Same Sex Couples:

  • Understand the destinations that allow gay couples and singles to engage in surrogacy
  • Learn about egg donor selection and what you should consider before making your decision
  • Understand the legal & practical issues around travel, birth certificates and parentage


  • Understand the process of using donor eggs or sperm
  • Understand which jurisdictions allow a single person to engage in surrogacy
  • Connect with single parents who have been on this journey

Healthcare Professionals:

  • With an interest in infertility or family building options
  • Learn how best you can support donors, surrogates and patients

Agenda & Speakers 2023

11.00 – 11.20pm


Welcome from Sam Everingham, Growing Families Founder, and an introduction to the days sessions.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

11.20 – 12.00pm

Donor & Embryo Creation Options Locally And Abroad

Will discuss the regulated process in Australia on how to make embryos; your donor options (IVF clinic or Donor database) donor availability, suitability, screening and the process that follows which will include counselling as well as semen analysis and how to interpret embryo grading. Presenting in this session will be IVF specialists from around the globe.

Dr. Bronwyn Devine, IVF Australia;  Dr. Said Daneshmand, San Diego Fertility Clinic, USA;  Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva,  Ovogene, Slovakia:  Brooke Bramley, City Fertility, Australia

12.00 – 12.30pm

Latest Trends In US & Canadian Surrogacy

Which kind of IPs are best suited to programs in Canada vs the US? What is the variability in program costs? Will surrogates agree to carry twins? What issues affect surrogate match times?

Lauri De Brito, The Fertility Agency, USA;  Cindy Wasser,  Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada

12.30 – 1.10pm

Changes In The Landscape – Europe & South America

Experts provide an update on changes and developments in newer donor and surrogacy options, bottlenecks, timelines and solutions in Greece, Georgia and Argentina.

Michael Bass, Mediterranean Fertility Institute, Greece;  Tamari Kachlishvili, Global Surrogacy Consulting, Georgia;  Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva,  Ovogene, Slovakia; Natia Janadze, ReproArt, Georgia

1.10 – 1.50pm


1.50 – 2.20pm

IVF Experts – ‘Ask Me Anything’ Panel

IVF experts from around the globe field questions from the audience and moderators.

Dr. Bronwyn Devine, IVF Australia;  Tanya Flores Create IVF, Canada; Dr. Said Daneshmand,  San Diego Fertility Clinic, USA; Brooke Bramley, City Fertility

2.20 – 2.50pm

Surrogacy Experts ‘Ask Me Anything’ Panel

Experts from around the globe field tough questions from the audience and moderators

Kathryn Kaycoff, The Fertility Agency, USA; Tamari Kachlishvili, Global Surrogacy Consulting;  Michael Bass, MFI Greece Natia Janadze, ReproArt, Georgia;

2.50 – 3.20pm

Legal Expert Panel

Surrogacy lawyers discussing the legal issues associated with surrogacy and egg donation in Australia and abroad. Contracts & Agreements; birth certificates; legal parentage; when and how parental transfer occurs, timelines. Includes audience Q&A. 

Moderator: Richard Westoby. Panelists: Sarah Bevan, Sarah Bevan Lawyers, Australia;  Rich Vaughn, International Fertility Law Group, USA; Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada

3.20 – 3.50pm


3.50- 5.20pm

The Reality ‘Ask Me Anything’ Panels

Hear from surrogates about their motivations, experience and preferences.

Melanie Lee (surrogate); Megan Giunta (surrogate);

Hear from recent parents who engaged locally or abroad discuss their decision-making process, surrogate relationships, disclosure to family, cultural barriers, hurdles, costs and audience question time.

Angela & Rahul Prasad, Parents via USA; Benjamin PL, Parent via North Cyprus; Todd & Phil Stevens, Parents via USA; Warwick Scott, Dad via Australian Surrogate; Iolanda & Mike Gunta, Parents via Canada; Andrew Boyd, Dad via USA;

Hear from teenagers born via egg donor or surrogacy open up about their lives, understanding where they came from and their sense of self.

Moderator: Caroline Bilkey; Mummys Whispers
Panelists: Blake Ramear, Teen via Egg Donor Surrogacy; Zoe Everingham, Pre-teen via Egg Donor Surrogacy

5.20 – 6.00pm


Enjoy drinks and nibbles while mingling with service providers, speakers and other intended parents on a similar journey to you.

Why You Should Attend Even If You Have Been Before:

Surrogacy & Donor options, wait times and agency capacity change regularly given the high demand. Our events focus on providing the latest information and updates. We constantly review feedback on agencies, risks and other hurdles to allow you to better plan. 

So, no matter where you are in your family building journey, these events provide essential updated information + an opportunity to talk with recent parents and older children via surrogacy.

Date:          Saturday 18 February 2023
Time:        11.00am to 6.00pm
Location:  Novotel Sydney Central
Tickets:    $55 + gst

Ticket price includes;  one-on-one consultation with expert providers post event, lunch, afternoon tea, and complimentary networking drinks and nibbles. The networking drinks provide an opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers, donor, surrogates, recent parents and children. 


Thank you for a great event in Dublin, I enjoyed the day.  The feedback is very positive from everyone I have spoken to


Dublin Conference 2022

I was very pleased with the extent of the advice, guidance and information I received


Dublin Conference 2022 

I enjoyed meeting with experts and parents


Dublin Conference 2022

Thank you for the avalanche of information and support


Dublin Conference 2022 

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Brooke Bramley
Central Donor Services Manager, City Fertility & Fertility Specialist WA
View Profile

Cindy Wasser
Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada
View Profile

Dr. Bronwyn Devine
Reproductive Endocrinologist, IVF Australia
View Profile

Dr. Clifford Librach
Create Fertility Centre, Canada
View Profile

Dr. Said Daneshmand
San Diego Fertility Center. USA
View Profile

Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva
Founder, Director, Clinical Operations, Ovogene
View Profile

Emma Solly
Administration Manager | DNALabs
View Profile

Kathryn Kaycoff
The Fertility Agency, USA
View Profile

Lauri De Brito
The Fertility Agency, USA
View Profile

Michael Bass
Dad via Mediterranean Fertility Institute, Greece
View Profile

Natia Janadze
International Programs Manager, ReproART, Georgia
View Profile

Rich Vaughn
Attorney, International Fertility Law Group,
View Profile

Richard Westoby
IP support manager, SDFC, USA
View Profile

Sam Everingham
Global Expert & Growing Families Director
View Profile

Sarah Bevan
Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers
View Profile

Tamari Kachlishvili
Global Surrogacy Consulting, Argentina
View Profile

Family Members Sharing Their Stories

Andrew Boyd..
Gay Dad via USA
View Profile

Angela Prasad
Parents via USA
View Profile

Benjamin PL
Dad via North Cyprus
View Profile

Blake Ramear
Teenager via ED surrogacy
View Profile

Megan Giunta
Australian surrogate
View Profile

Melanie Lee
NSW surrogate
View Profile

Michael & Iolanda Giunta
Parents via Canada
View Profile

Phil Macri
Dads via USA
View Profile

Warwick & Jason Scott
Dads via Australian Surrogate
View Profile

Zoe Everingham
Pre-teen via ED surrogacy
View Profile

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via email:

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