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Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream

Date: 4 November 2023

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Fulfilling Your Family Building Dreams! is the only event of its kind in Sydney.
You will receive reliable advice, support and guidance from Australian and world-leading experts to grow your family – all under one roof.

Saturday 4 November
10.30am to 4.30pm

The journey to having a child is not always easy, but the desire is real

For many, the path to parenthood is not straightforward. There are many hurtles, heartaches, lots of information and many people involved along the way. Every path to parenthood is unique and the journey to ‘Fulfilling Your Family Building Dreams’ to bring your little bundle of joy home.
Ireland Surrogacy and egg Donor - Growing Families

Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream

Introduces you to Austrlalian and International Fertility Experts, to start answering those questions you have on egg donation and surrogacy. The event provides you with accurate knowledge, guidance and a path to start your family building journey.

Talk with Experts Face-to-Face about Your Unique Situation

Interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ panels, that includes recent parents who have been on their alternate family building journey,

There will be networking opportunities and plenty of time to talk one on one with experts at their information stands to find out the different ways to fulfill your family building dream!

This event will guide you on:

  • Surrogacy & Egg Donor Options by Country
  • Medical & Donor Considerations
  • Legal Issues
  • Parent Panels

One-on-One Consultations:

Included with your ticket is the opportunity to arrange meetings with as many experts from the seminar as you like. Read the profiles on each of our speakers and email us to arrange your consultation meetings.


Dr. Chuan is renowned for her personalised approach to patient care, blending scientific excellence with compassion to maximise success for each individual.

Dr. Sandy ChuanSan Diego Fertility Center. USA 

Cindy is a mum via egg donor surrogacy and principal of a leading fertility law firm, providing legal advice and services to hundreds of intended parents, donors and surrogates from across Canada and around the world,. She regularly uses her influence to advocate for stronger rights and protections for intended parents, donors and surrogates within Canada, and is well-known as a respected leader in this complex and evolving area of law.

Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada

Dr Uliana coordinated the ground-breaking first international IVF procedure in Ukraine. Dr. Uliana has over 12 years’ IVF experience, performed over 5000 cycles, treated patients from 36 countries and has clinics all over the world.

Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva, Medical Director, International Fertility Group, Georgia

Tamari initially ran programs solely in Georgia, recently opening a groundbreaking surrogacy and donor program in Argentina. Her specific interest is in inter-dependencies of global and national practices – how policies are written based on different regional contexts and translated into real medical solution to better health outcomes. 

Tamari Kachlishvili, Global Surrogacy Consulting, Argentina 

Dr. Devine is a leading voice in improving access to ART services for members of the LGBTIQ community. She is a gynecologist, fertility expert and specialist obstetrician.

Dr. Bronwyn Devine, Reproductive Endocrinologist, IVF Australia 

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Fullfiling Your Family Building Dream

Date: Saturday 4 November 2023
Time:  10.30am to 4.30pm
Location:  Novotel Sydney Central
Tickets: $30 + gst

Ticket price includes;  one-on-one consultation with expert providers post event, lunch, afternoon tea, and complimentary networking drinks and nibbles. The networking drinks provide an opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers, donor, surrogates, recent parents and children.

Agenda & Speakers


Avoiding Heartbreak & Stress – Considerations in Selecting a Country

Where can I engage? What are the pros and cons of each destination? What due diligence is required? What is the situation in Australia, Georgia, Colombia, Argentina, US, Greece & Canada? What legal protections are offered? How do costs compare? How do hybrid programs work? Coping with twin pregnancies.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families


The Future of Surrogacy in Europe

With the Ukraine war ongoing, Georgia so overwhelmed with demand that the government wants to close it, and Greece’s largest surrogacy program now closed, will surrogacy in Europe ever recover? What are the problems with options being offered in Kazahkstan and Armenia?

Panelists: Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva, Tamari Kashlishvili


Latest Trends In US Surrogacy

Which kind of IPs are best suited to programs in the US? What is the variability in program costs? Will surrogates agree to carry twins? What issues affect surrogate match times? How and when are surrogates screened?

Kirsten Hanson, Simple Surrogacy, USA


Donor & Surrogacy Options in Argentina, Colombia & Mexico

How stable are these programs? How long have they operated? What are the realities around birth certificates, match times? How is surrogate screening and care managed? Can sperm or embryos be shipped?

Tamari Kachlishvili (Argentina), Stephanie Martin (Mexico, North Cyprus) Steven Swanepoel (Colombia)


Maximising Success/Minimising Risk in overseas arrangements

What is PGT-A testing? Why do US clinics so highly recommend it in surrogacy arrangements? What role does genetic carrier screening play? Can these processes be done in Australia? Why are Canadian clinics more likely to accept surrogates? What guarantees are available from IVF programs in Canada and the US? Issues with double embryo transfer

Dr Sandy Chuan, SDFC, Calif; Dr Clifford Librach, Create Fertility Centre, Canada



Enjoy a light lunch whilst mingling with the parents, surrogates and experts at the event. View the exhibition tables to learn more about your options.


Canadian Surrogacy

What are the latest developments in regard to surrogate availability, agency re-match policies and intended parents rights in the Canadian context? Which Canadian provinces can foreigners engage in? What are the pros and cons of self-matching with a surrogate online?

Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law


Embryo Creation Options in Australia

Will discuss the regulated process in Australia on how to make embryos; your donor options, donor availability, suitability, screening and the process that follows which will include counselling as well as semen analysis and how to interpret embryo grading.

Dr Bronwyn Devine, IVF Australia


International Donor Options

What are the options for donor eggs to come to Australia? Are there benefits of making the embryos offshore? What ethnicities are available? What clinics offer such programs? What are the costs?

Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva, Ovogene


Ethical Guidelines in International Surrogacy

Given the essentially unregulated nature of cross-border family building, Growing Families International Advisory Board has spent the last 5 months finessing guidelines that intended parents can use to assess programs This session provides an overview of these and how you can evaluate providers with these in mind.

Cindy Wasser, Growing Families International Advisory Board, Canada


Afternoon Tea

Enjoy tea coffee and a light refreshment included in your ticket price. A chance to chat with the experts at the event.


Donor & Surrogacy Perspectives

Hear from surrogates and donors about why they help, what they look for in IPs and managing expectations

Amy White (donor) Morgan Louvier (surrogate) Megan Giunta


The Reality ‘Ask Me Anything’ Panels

Hear from recent parents & intended parents who engaged in Australia, Argentina, US, Canada or Colombia for family building

Andy Leonard (Argentina); Adam Jones (USA) Cameron Green (Canada) Will Novella-Reilly (Australia)



With speakers, parents, surrogates & donors

Why Attend Even If You’ve Been Before:

Surrogacy & Donor options, wait times and agency capacity change regularly given the high demand. Our events focus on providing the latest information and updates. We constantly review feedback on risks and other hurdles to allow you to better plan. 

So, no matter where you are in your family building journey, these events provide essential updated information + an opportunity to talk with recent parents and older children via surrogacy.

Date:          Saturday 4 November 2023
Time:        10.30am to 4.30pm
Location:  Novotel Sydney Central
Tickets:    $30 + gst

Ticket price includes;  one-on-one consultation with expert providers post event, lunch, afternoon tea, and complimentary networking drinks and nibbles. The event provide an opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers &, recent parents. 

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Cindy Wasser
Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada
View Profile

Dr Sandy Chuan
Reproductive Endocrinologist, SDFC, USA
View Profile

Dr. Bronwyn Devine
Reproductive Endocrinologist, IVF Australia
View Profile

Dr. Clifford Librach
Create Fertility Centre, Canada
View Profile

Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva
Director, Clinical Operations, Ovogene, Slovakia
View Profile

Kristen Hanson
Owner, Simple Surrogacy, Texas
View Profile

Melissa Quinn
Australian Regional Manager - Manor-Baby, Israel
View Profile

Richard Westoby
IP support manager, SDFC, USA
View Profile

Sam Everingham
Global Expert & Growing Families Director
View Profile

Stephanie Martin
Branch Manager, BeParent Cyprus
View Profile

Steven Swanepoel
Territory Manager, Tammuz Family Aust & NZ
View Profile

Tamari Kachlishvili
Global Surrogacy Consulting, Argentina
View Profile

Family Members Sharing Their Stories

Adam Jones
Dad via USA
View Profile

Amy White
Altruistic Egg Donor
View Profile

Andy Leonard
Dad via Argentina
View Profile

Cameron Green
Intended Dad via Canada
View Profile

Megan Giunta
Australian surrogate
View Profile

Morgan Louvier
Four-time surrogate
View Profile

Will Reilly
Dad via domestic surrogacy
View Profile

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