Wherever your child is born, the English law solution for surrogacy is a parental order.  This reassigns parenthood fully and permanently to the intended parent(s), and extinguishes the legal status and responsibilities of your surrogate mother (and her  partner if ashe has one).

It also leads to the reissue of your child’s birth certificate (or the issue of a first British birth certificate if your child is born abroad) naming you as the parent(s).

Married couples have been able to apply for a parental order since 1994 and unmarried couples since 6 April 2010.

Also think about steps you can take to protect your family until your parental order is granted, including wills, life insurance and parental responsibility.

Court Forms For Parental Order Applications

Here are the court forms you need if you are representing yourselves in a parental order application

Parental Order Application Form (C51) 

Parental Order Acknowledgement form (C52)