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IconSunday 6 September 2020
Timing Description


Sam Everingham

Enrolment & Exit Paperwork Requirements 

Each country which allows surrogacy has its own processes around enrolment, birth certificate registration and exit processes post birth. Experts from Ukraine &  Georgia, explain the differences

Moderator: tbc
Panelists:  Oksana Madiudia (Ukraine), Tamari Kachlishvili (Georgia)

Parental Recognition following domestic or international surrogacy

Explains the processes, timelines and eligibility criteria for parental recognition post surrogacy, once you and your child(ren) are home. This is vital to understand before you engage in the processes

Victoria Maxwell, Bishop & Sewell

Immigration requirements following offshore surrogacy

Provides essential guidance on documentation for those returning to the UK or EU following offshore surrogacy, covering situations where one or both parents may not be UK citizens

Karma Hickman, lawyer, Bishop & Sewell

Parent Panel

A panel of UK parents advises on their experiences of obtaining travel documents, citizenship & parental transfer post surrogacy