Growing Families Building Your Family Surrogacy Seminars in Australia announcement
Growing Families Building Your Family Surrogacy Seminars in Australia announcement
Growing Your Family Australia Surrogacy Seminars
Growing Your Family Australia Surrogacy Seminars



We are a Not for Profit that works with intended parents- Gay, Heterosexual and Singles– around the globe to educate about Surrogacy and Egg Donation and support their families building journey with donors and surrogates. Formerly Families Through Surrogacy, we have supported intended parents through webinars, seminars, conferences, and customised support for nearly ten years.

Founded by intended parents, our philosophy is to ensure intended parents understand their options and are financially and emotionally prepared for this process. We are a research-oriented organisation and we partner with academics to design and complete research to inform policy and practice.

We have assisted over 3000 singles and couples to build a family since we commenced. Over 200 parents, surrogates and donors have shared their stories at our events in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Hong Kong.


Upcoming Surrogacy and Egg Donation Events and Seminar

Sat 10 Sept 2022 Ireland Donor & Surrogacy Conference
On-demand Alternatives to Ukraine
10 August Donor IVF Webinar
11 Sept 2022 Building Families via US Surrogacy and Donors
Saturday 18 February 2023 Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream – Sydney
Sunday 19 February 2023 Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream – Brisbane
Tuesday 21 February 2023 Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream – Adelaide

Learn how we support your Surrogacy & Egg Donation Journey

Help you decide on a pathway

Whether you require just a donor, a surrogate or both, we work in a non-judgemental way to understand your medical circumstances, citizenship, marital status, budget and communication preferences to provide professional advice on ideal donor and surrogate programs, timelines, costs, legal, ethical, medical and psychological considerations as well as risks and how to avoid them.

Sperm Freezing or Embryo Creation

Many IVF doctors do not have experience or knowledge of domestic or international requirements for sperm or embryos. To assist, Growing Families can refer you to an IVF specialist who understands your issues and will work with you to collect, test and freeze sperm or create embryos for local or cross-border programs. This service also assists with paperwork requirements.

Supporting your Journey

Whether you are a gay couple, single or heterosexual, we can introduce you to lawyers, notaries, migration agents, infertility counsellors, IVF clinics, surrogacy and egg donor agencies in countries around the globe who have the expertise to assist. We can co-ordinate paperwork for program enrolment to ensure you can proceed smoothly. We are ALWAYS there  to provide a Plan B, solve logistical and technical issues to ensure your dream can become a reality.

International Sperm or Embryo Shipping

This service is designed to minimise per-client shipping costs by aggregating shipments to the same country. It also reduces anxiety & stress by handling the complex paperwork requirements. We source clinic accreditation documents, pre-complete shipping and customs documentation and arrange shipping (hand-carry or insured sensitive freight) with reliable courier partners within 2 – 5 weeks. You are kept informed throughout the process.

In Country Support

We offer a service to support you while overseas with advice on flight options, accommodation, bassinet seats on airlines, nanny support, visa requirements, SIM cards, ground transport, restaurants, embassy support and childcare equipment

Citizenship and Passports Support

The rules around granting citizenship and passports in cross-border surrogacy are complex and vary by country. Growing Families and its partner migration agents and lawyers can provide expert support with all aspects of the complex paperwork to ensure your child via international surrogacy can be awarded citizenship, a passport or other travel document.


We pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable team as we place the Intended Parents above all, of everything we do.



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"“I loved so many of the talks, I can’t stop crying. I’m feeling too emotional.”

Kasia, June 2022

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"“I now feel that I have options, before I felt like there was no hope.”

Amanda, June 2022

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"To have a What Can We Learn from our Kids Panel was a stroke of genius. …… hearing from the kids is a whole new level.”

Alfonso June 2022



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The family-building landscape both domestically and internationally is becoming increasingly complex. Fall-out from the Covid pandemic as well as the war in Ukraine have had flow on effects to both surrogate availability and agency capacities globally. In some environments, such as Australia, new regulations are making it even harder for intended parents to engage in donor IVF or surrogacy. Those

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Irish Surrogacy Stories – Book Launch

As well as running conferences and webinars, International family building expert Sam Everingham  has been working these past two years with a colleague on a book – Surrogacy Stories – which takes a deep dive into the family building journeys of  twenty singles and couples from 11 nations. They include single men, single females, as well heterosexual and gay couples.

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Why Engaging in Ukraine Surrogacy Is a Terrible Idea

If you have embryos still in Ukraine, it may be tempting to initiate a new surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine, particularly if your surrogacy agency and surrogate are agreeable. This is a highly risky proposition. Why is it Unsafe? Various foreign governments have announced that they cannot support safe travel or exit arrangements for newborns via Ukraine surrogacy.Ukraine surrogates are usually

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