our team

Sam Everingham


Sam is the founder of Growing Families, previously known as Families Through Surrogacy. He and his partner have two girls born via international surrogacy in 2011. Sam has been involved in family formation journeys for over eight years. He established the not-for-profit organisation Surrogacy Australia in 2010, which quickly became Australia’s go-to resource for media, government and intended parents.  Sam maintains diverse global networks with surrogacy researchers, families, agencies, donor banks and reproductive specialists. He is a regular media commentator and has co-authored a number of articles on surrogacy utilisation and attitudes in the Medical Journal of Australia, Australian Institute of Family Studies, Bionews and the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Olivia Santa

Sponsorship, partnerships and services manager

Olivia has been working with Growing Families for almost eight years. She looks after marketing and sponsor partnerships globally and in this role liaises closely with IVF clinics, surrogacy agencies and law firms in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe and South America. Olivia lives in Sydney Australia and works Monday – Wednesdays inclusive.

Heather Anderson

Client Services

Heather has an extensive background in customer service with a passion for developing partnerships and solutions. Working with Australian parents initial enquiries, with venues, suppliers, our IT partners and Mailchimp maintenance are some of Heather’s areas of expertise.  She also brings a wealth of knowledge in direct marketing and end-to-end campaign management. She works part-time but is available most days.


surrogacy support co-ordinator

A parent via international surrogacy herself, Anta supports intended parents throughout the world with detailed support, professional introductions and case management



Based in LA, Karma’s expertise is in supporting intended parents, particularly those requiring Donor IVF.  She also assists in our communications with patients and partnership development with Donor IVF providers globally.


head of strategy & innovation

Kerry has a background in senior management for large corporates, as well as the health and well-being space. She is also a mum via cross-border donor surrogacy. She brings extensive experience in business and leadership with a focus on business development,  expansion and innovation.