International Surrogacy
Exit Support

Dealing with the extensive paperwork requirements for travel from a foreign country while managing a newborn baby can be extremely stressful. This program is designed to relieve that stress by careful planning and support.

Pre & Post Birth Support

  • Assistance with all paperwork for citizenship & passport documents
  • Fast-tracking strategies
  • Pre-birth paperwork to prepare ahead or source from your agency
  • Creating an IMMI account
  • Which supporting documents need apostilling and notarising
  • What government forms are required & how to complete
  • DNA testing policies and laboratories
  • Avoiding problems in overseas birth certificates
  • Additional documents required for your situation.
  • Guidance on infant photo & guarantor requirements
  • Document and contract review
  • in-country support
  • Infant bassinet (airline) seat booking assistance
  • Exit resource library (eg Advice on infant feeding in transit)
  • Medicare, Immunisation and Centrelink support
  • Referral to Breast milk providers