Support Services

Growing Families provides services to help you navigate your family building journey with confidence, ensuring you are well supported through-out the process.

We have been helping intended parents with international family-building since 2012, having assisted over 3000 intended parents from many countries. Over that time, there have been immense changes in the global landscape in regard to laws, surrogate availability, costs and other challengers.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to draw on independent expert support, be aware of the risks, and understand how potential hurdles can be minimised.

Our expertise draws on three decades of experience, connections with professionals in 40 countries and continuous monitoring of issues globally. This, as well as real-time feedback from parents allows us to share current insights into country and provider strengths and weaknesses in a fast changing landscape.

We can refer you to reputable and appropriate professionals specific to your case. For example, it is essential to have legal and/or migration agent support in the jurisdiction in which you engage. Access to counselling is also vital for both you and your surrogate.

Read about how our concierge and support services can inform, guide, and support your journey below.

For an initial consultation with our professional team members, or a Concierge Support package discussion, please complete the situation assessment form so we can understand your needs.  Once completed, a Growing Families staff member will be in contact with guidance on how best we can support your needs.

Package pricing is dependent on the stage of your journey, your nationality and the currency we bill you in.


How will I connect my agency to a Growing Families concierge support representative?

Depending on your level of concierge package, our support coordinator will personally get to know your case to encourage and lead you forward with a seamless style of communication in a 30-minute zoom consultation.

Is my Professional Support Representative flexible?

Yes, at Growing Families, we always find a way to customise and/or personalise the details of our support service to meet our clients’ needs.. Our staff have walked in your shoes and know the obstacles and stress involved.

Can I receive support and guidance without involving my agency?

Growing Families provides support to intending parents. Our services are designed to enhance or fast-track your journey. We can provide resources in the background and go incognito. Just say the word!

Initial Consultation & Support

Customised advice and referral relevant to your individual circumstances. 

This may include situation analysis, advice on embryo and donor options; program eligibility; timelines, costs, risk assessment, logistics, clinic and agency recommendations and introductions.  

This includes:

–           1 hour call (or face to face meeting)
–           1 hour follow-up support

Platinum Concierge

You choose what support you need, from a wide range of options: (8-18 months)

  • Budget planning, surrogacy loan expert
  • Fast-tracked agency liaison
  • Individualised journey support
  • Resource library access
  • Surrogacy insurance advice
  • Notary & apostille support
  • IVF clinic liaison
  • International payment assistance
  • Professional counselling session
  • Compliance with local law via introduction to legal specialists
  • Embryo & sperm shipping advice
  • Problem solving
  • Assistance with pre-term births
  • Travel & accommodation planning & support
  • Newborn citizenship & passports support
  • Immunisation, parental leave support
  • Cord-blood banking
  • Access to milk banks

Silver Concierge

You choose what support you need, from a wide range of options (2-4 months)

  • Budget planning
  • Fast-tracked Agency liaison
  • Individualised journey support
  • Resource library access
  • Insurance advice,
  • Notary & apostille support
  • IVF clinic liaison
  • International payment assistance

Exit Support

  • Newborn citizenship & passports support
  • Agency liaison
  • Full in-country support
  • Apostille & notary requirements
  • Document support & review
  • DNA testing facilitation
  • Infant photo & guarantor requirements
  • Travel document fast-tracking strategies

Shipping Support

  • Advice on options, regulations
  • Preferentail pricing
  • Clinic liaison
  • Courier co-ordination
  • Paperwork assistance
  • Regular updates
  • Document compliance
  • FDA testing support