Growing Families Advisory Board

Leading the Way in Surrogacy Standards and Support

What is the Growing Families Advisory Board?

The Growing Families Advisory Board is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to addressing the diverse risks in the surrogacy landscape. With no other organization offering independent leadership, and with international standards potentially a decade away, the lack of guidance fosters confusion, negative media and potential harm. Our mission is to share knowledge of ‘on-the-ground’ issues, take a leadership role in harm minimization, advocate for minimum standards in surrogate and intended parent psychological screening and care and better prepare for geo-political, legal, and market developments.

Ethical Surrogacy Advisory: Protecting Families Worldwide

Learn about how Growing Families is leading the charge in promoting safer practices for all stakeholders.

Origins and Aims of Our Advisory Board

Cross-border surrogacy and egg donation are increasing due to affordability issues, surrogate availability, and lack of supportive laws in some countries. The slow progress of international legal frameworks leaves surrogates and intended parents vulnerable, often without sufficient oversight.

This increased demand for surrogacy has led to stretched capacities, long wait times, and the recruitment of surrogates across borders. Without adequate psychological assessment, many intended parents and surrogates face avoidable stress.

In this evolving landscape, the Growing Families Advisory Board provides crucial guidance, advocates for standards, and supports all stakeholders in the surrogacy process.

Objectives of the Growing Families Advisory Board

Provide a Cross-Disciplinary, Independent Voice

Enhance Understanding and Mitigate Risks

Collaborate with University Partners

Develop Resources
and Standards

Promote Enhanced
Domestic Screening

Members of the Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of passionate and experienced professionals from various disciplines, united by a shared commitment to improving the landscape of cross-border surrogacy. Our diverse team brings together expertise in law, medicine, psychology and advocacy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges faced by intended parents, surrogates, and professionals.

The board meets quarterly. Executive support is provided by Growing Families to ensure efficient coordination, facilitating our collaborative efforts to drive positive change in the surrogacy community.

Here are the amazing Advisory Board members driving our mission forward:

Cindy Wasser
Fertility Lawyer
Hope Springs Fertility Law
Ester Nuñez
Fertility Lawyer
Abogados Numa
Roy Rosenblatt-Nir
General Manager
Tammuz Family
Uliana Dorofeyeva
Ovogene Egg Bank
Leon Altamirano
Fertility Lawyer
Abogados Altamirano
Nino Bogveradze
Fertility Lawyer
Kordzadze Law Office
Lisa Stark-Hughes
Education Chair
Maria Vastaroucha
Fertility Lawyer
Mark Semple
Surrogacy Colombia
Olga Danchenko
Surrogacy Law
Rich Vaughn
International Fertility law Group

Observer Members

Stephen Page
Page Provan
Finona Duffy
PF O’Rielly
Natalie Gamble
Ida Parisi
Studio Legale
Ana Miramontes
Abogados Ancora
Thomas Oberhauser
Kanzlei Am Muenster
Fabien Joly
Docteur en droit public
Avocat au Barreau de Paris

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