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Surrogacy in New Zealand

Surrogacy in New Zealand or Domestic Surrogacy

Surrogacy in New Zealand is only available to New Zealanders.

There are several community-run online groups which you can join to assist you in meeting potential surrogates. These include.

New Zealand has laws which allow traditional or gestational surrogacy, although does not allow payments to surrogates or any surrogacy agency support with recruitment and managing the journey.

Egg Donation New Zealand
Facebook-based Support group for NZ egg donors and recipients. 500 members

NZ Surrogacy
an online support group for New Zealander’s who are interested in Surrogacy, Egg donation, Sperm donation, Adoption, IVF, and all of those issues that go with infertility

NZ IVF, Surrogacy Adoption FB group
an online facebook community

International Surrogacy

New Zealanders are able to engage in international surrogacy, however New Zealand will not issue citizenship or passports to children born via surrogacy until an adoption order has been granted in a New Zealand court.

For those engaging in the US & Canada, this does not pose significant issues, as these countries will issue a US/Canadian passport to the child promptly and they can return to New Zealand on that, before applying for adoption. However for New Zealanders engaging in other countries which will not issue local passports readily (eg Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico, Greece) a longer, more complex process is required, including the issuance of a Certificate of Identity authorised by the NZ Minister for Immigration.

New Zealand lawyers

The following lawyers specialise in advising New Zealanders on surrogacy arrangements & assisting with adoption orders:


Surrogacy & Egg Donation is a complex area and you deserve to know everything involved. Too often intended parents engage without full awareness of the risks and how best to minimise the chance of problems. To book in for a Surrogacy Advice Consultation with Growing Families Director Sam Everingham see our Fill our consultation form.


Expert providers and parents who have completed their family via this destination frequently talk at Growing Families Events. To attend an event to learn more about this destination and other options see our Event Schedule.