Advice & Guidance – How We Support You

Why would I need independent support?

Intending Parents may require our expert advice for a variety of reasons and may engage with Growing Families at different stages of their international IVF, surrogacy or donor In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) journey. Our packages are designed to join at any stage, so you have come to the right place!

You may have hit a roadblock and/or require professional advice moving forward to navigate that problem efficiently.

  • Deciding on an agency or clinic
  • Understanding which providers are best for your nationality
  • Setting expectations and budgets.
  • Bridging communication gaps between you and your agency.
  • Preparations for each stage of the journey
  • Advice on cost-effective providers
  • Shipping support

What if I only need support for a short while?

Growing Families recognises that you may only need us part way throughout the journey. So, we have designed our packages to be time specific. If you require end to end support, review the concierge packages suitable for your international surrogacy journey and speak to our consultant for more information.

What Information do you need?

So, we can best assist you, we require specific information regarding your individual situation. In such a complicated area, we cannot advise you without understanding your marital status, age, household income, nationality, country of residence, specific needs and any medical conditions. These will allow us to help set your expectations, discuss options and logistics

All information provided is kept strictly confidential.

What happens when I complete the form?

Once your form is received, a Growing Families team member will be in contact by email or phone to discuss how we can best assist you.
A follow up paid consultation is often required to provide you with professional advice to support your unique circumstances. This advice may include problem solving, program eligibility, wait times, costs, legal and parentage issues, embryo creation advice, donor issues, agency or IVF clinic recommendations, risks and how to avoid them.

What are the costs for Growing Families services?

We we need to assess each case independently before we can provide shipping estimations or concierge costs. An initial consultation and support package is $AU395/ US$290

What if Growing Families cannot support my journey?

Growing Families has a wide range of professional connections globally to assist with the most complicated journeys. Start with our situation assessment form or a professional consultation. We can provide a solution to most problems here at Growing Families working alongside our industry professionals.

Can I speak to a Growing Families representative first?

Yes of course. if you would prefer to have a conversation first email us your name, contact number and country of residence and enquiry at [email protected]