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Growing Families is dedicated to helping individuals and couples navigate the journey of surrogacy, donor IVF, and assisted reproduction. With our experienced team and personalized approach, we can provide support and guidance upfront or every step of the way, including:

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    Whether you’re just starting to explore surrogacy, donor IVF, or assisted reproduction, or you’ve already encountered obstacles along the way, Growing Families is here to help. You can contact us to discuss anything from paperwork and travel logistics to exploring alternative options.

    By submitting the form, you’re opening the door to personalized guidance on your surrogacy, donor IVF, or assisted reproduction journey. This initial conversation is designed to address your questions, offer guidance, and outline potential next steps—all without any obligation or cost.

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    Sam Everingham

    With over 11 years of dedicated experience in the field of surrogacy, Sam has helped build families and fulfill dreams for over 3000 couples and individuals. His compassionate approach and wealth of knowledge make him a trusted advisor throughout every step of your surrogacy journey.

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    “Sam, Heather and the team have been a fantastic help to us with our journeys across a range of areas and we really appreciate the support they have provided.”

    – Heidi I.

    “I regard contacting Sam as a first and a mandatory step in anyone considering pursuing surrogacy. He and his team went over and above through the most chaotic of circumstances for us, and for many others. Reach out to them before you do anything else.”

    – Alex V.

    “Sam has been a wealth of knowledge, connected with all the right people to bring our dreams of having a family to a reality. Thanks Sam.”

    Marcus S.