Surrogacy in Canada

Canada has had huge growth in demand for surrogacy due to their open legal framework, and high quality IVF and medical care.

Surrogacy is available to all types of intended parents, regardless of gender, relationship status or sexual orientation. Canada has a strong surrogate-led culture within a legal framework classified as ‘altruistic’ rather than ‘commercial’.

Current times to be matched with a surrogate can be quite extensive, with most intended parents waiting over a year.

Growing Families can help you understand Canadian surrogacy, and your other international options, with an Assessment & Support Consultation.  These are customised meetings that explore your individual options, based on your needs. If you have any queries or would like to book a meeting please get in touch. Canada Webinar, discover your options in this popular destination.

Who can build a family in Canada?

How does surrogacy in Canada work?

In Canada, surrogacy is often embraced as a calling. With a focus on altruism and building a strong relationship with your surrogate. For many Canadian surrogates having an ongoing relationship with their recipients is a key expectation. You will need to be present when your baby is born and will be immediately responsible for the child post birth. 

Canada is one of the few destinations where international intended parents can enter into a surrogacy agreement with a surrogate which (in most Canadian provinces) is legally recognised and makes the intended parents their child’s legal parents from birth.

Canadian federal law, however, makes it a criminal offence to pay a surrogate, egg, or sperm donor any more than expenses.  While surrogacy agency services are legal in Canada, the law also criminalises payment to an agency solely for introducing an intended parent to a surrogate. Nonetheless, there are Canadian consultancies which can help intended parents to find a surrogate. Canada also offers fertility clinics which can support the medical side of surrogacy. IVF Clinics cannot recruit egg donors in Canada. So if you require a donor, some Canadian surrogacy providers have an egg donor division also.

How do I choose who to work with? 

Choosing the right professional service providers is key to both the success and smooth experience of an international surrogacy journey.  Drawing on recommendations from past clients and organisations with long experience such as Growing Families is always helpful. As well as doing your own due diligence and meeting with those you are considering engaging with. 

Growing Families have years of experience in international cross-border surrogacy and worldwide connections with surrogacy professionals. We can advise on what to look for and what other hurdles and risks you need to consider.

What is the wait time for a Canadian surrogacy journey?

Current wait time for surrogate matches range from 10 – 18 months. 

The timeframe depends on on the service provider, and whether the first surrogate you are matched with is medically and psychologically cleared.   It also depends on if the surrogate is sufficiently motivated as Canadian surrogates commonly drop out prior to embryo transfer.

How much does surrogacy in Canada cost?

Typically costs $80,000 to $140,000 Canadian dollars.

Costs are largely associated with how many embryo transfers are required. Whether your first, second or third match is successful, surrogate travel costs and unanticipated expenses.

Do I need newborn medical insurance in Canada?

Yes. All newborn babies require hospital medical insurance no matter what province of Canada you engage in.

Fertility clinics in Canada

Canada has an excellent public healthcare system and good quality IVF Facilities.  However, no territory in Canada has a full-service fertility clinic.  Some provinces have very few or none, and almost all fertility clinics are in major cities.

We can assist and advise you on your fertility clinic research and decision making for the right IVF clinic in Canada.

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