Aussie October Seminar Series May Sell Out

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2019-09-13 at 03:47:37

Inspiring Stories
Totally inspiring stories abound in the Australian surrogacy & donor communities about the journeys taken by intended parents and the surrogates who assist them in the Aussie October Seminar series may sell out.

For me, there is huge joy in being able to help hopeful singles and couples to create family. Some of them had given up hope before attending an event with Growing Families. Some have talked on panels when part-way through the process and are returning this October to share the happy outcomes (John Thompson in Adelaide, Kate Ranger and Michelle Griffin in Perth).

October Seminar Series
With 30 parents, surrogates, donors and donor-conceived young adults sharing their stories around surrogacy, donation and co-parenting, there is record interest in this series. So much so that it is likely to sell-out for the first time ever.
Our particular focus this time is Australian, US and Georgian surrogacy. This is supported by parents sharing their US (5), Australian (8) and Georgian (3) journeys, along with series sponsors Simple Surrogacy from Texas, Fort Worth Fertility (also Texas) and ReproArt from Georgia.
Most Australians, when they think of US surrogacy, think of California, but many US states have laws that allow gay and heterosexual foreigners to engage, whatever their relationship status and medical history.
Surprisingly, the costs of surrogacy programs also differ markedly in different parts of the US, largely due to differences in surrogate compensation. So we are excited to, for the first time, shine light on Texas as a reliable surrogacy & egg donor destination

And of course, other popular destinations such as Canada, Ukraine and Mexico will also feature in the series

Giving Back
For the October series, Growing Families has partnered with Surrogacy Australia and expert domestic surrogacy lawyers in three Australian states – Ben Sayer in Victoria, Kate Cherry in Queensland and Sascha Mastras from Merridy Elphick in NSW. All their sponsor monies go towards the work of the charity Surrogacy Australia in supporting Australian surrogates and intended parents.
Most gratifying is to see experienced surrogates and parents now helping as mentors with the Surrogacy Australia Support Service

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October Seminar


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