Big Question – Is it the Right Time to Go Ahead with a Surrogacy Program?

by ankita

Posted on 2020-08-27 at 10:29:45

This pandemic situation has brought everyone’s life to a standstill. So, if you are an intended parent looking for a surrogacy program, there are certain precautions and factors you must consider beforehand.

Are agencies still operating surrogacy programs during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Nearly all surrogacy agencies continue to accept intended parents, although in Georgia new programs cannot commence until January 2021.

Being an intended parent, you must understand that a surrogacy journey may require 12-30 months (depending on the country you engage in).

Many singles and couples are coming to usamidst this chaos and uncertainty to further their dreams of creating family.

All you need to do is find the right Surrogacy Agancies in Canada to help and support you.

Should you go ahead with a surrogacy program?

The call is yours, and you have to decide as per your convenience and comfort level. Should you wait until this pandemic ends, or is it best to jump the queue? The answer depends on your thought process.

Even if this pandemic situation worsens, you still have an option to wait for surrogate match and embryo transfer. On the other hand, if you keep waiting for the dust to settle, you may find yourself in a long queue with other couples t.

Many need to engage in surrogacy in the few countries which offer legal frameworks. I often get asked – ‘Is there a surrogacy agency in Ireland?’ or is there a surrogacy agency in UK? Unfortunately many countries, Ireland included, do not allow surrogacy agencies to operate. This means you may need to rely on experts at a far distance from you via video conferencing to deal with all your questions.

In regard to timelines, you must not expect your first transfer to occur until 3-6 months of commencing a surrogacy program.

What are your options regarding commencing?

Most surrogacy agencies have opted for consulting via video conferencing. So, if you are comfortable dealing online instead of in-person, you can go ahead with your plans immediately.

A virtual consultation is similar to an in-person meeting, and one of our experts can explain your options, timelines, processes and cost structure. Additionally, we can address all your questions regarding the processes.

Now the big question is-is it the right time to proceed with a surrogacy program with best?


Chances are that the medical services or cost of surrogacy programs may increase by the time this pandemic situation ends. Hence, it is highly recommended to continue or initiate the process now.

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