Birth Certificates for Surrogacy Cases – Buenos Aires

Written by: Sam Everingham

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On May 22, 2024, the civil registry in Argentina stopped issuing birth certificates for foreign surrogacy cases. The Judge ordered that the birth certificates include mention that the registration did not prove parentage. Days later, the judge ordered the complete cessation of the issuance of the certificates, clarifying that each case must have a specific court order. The initial court order was appealed, and the appeal was admitted by the appellate court. Consequently, the original order lost its enforceability, and the civil registry was required to resume issuing birth certificates. However this has not occurred

At the moment, there has been no official communication regarding the reasons for this delay or any indication of when the issuance will resume. By Argentine law, there is no clearly defined timeline for when the civil registry must resume issuing birth certificates. It can be delayed for an extended period. This lack of clarity leaves parent’s with newborns in BA in a state of limbo, as it affects the legal recognition and documentation of newborns, which is essential for their identity, nationality, and access to rights and services.

Growing Families is working with affected families and government authorities to seek some resolution.

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Sam Everingham

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