Concierge Support Packages

Growing Families have expanded our concierge support packages to better guide and support our global community. We have listened, and now understand where intended parents feel they could use additional support, guidance and knowledge along their egg donor / surrogacy journey’s.

Concierge Support Packages

We will now be offering four redesigned support packages:
1. Initial Consultation
2. Silver Concierge Support
3. Platinum Concierge Support
4. Pre & Post Birth Support

Each is aimed at assisting our community members wherever they may be along their surrogacy / egg donor journey.
They cover all stages of surrogacy, from key decisions, assistance with program types, shipping, legal paperwork, surrogate interaction, switching providers, dispute resolution, insurance and much more. This guided support or concierge package aims to streamline the process of working with agencies at a distance.
A couple of the concierge support packages provide exclusive access to our closed social media groups. Along, with a library of instructional resources i.e., podcasts, webinars, and print.

Anita Fiorenza, a mum via surrogacy, has just joined the team as Surrogacy Support Co-Ordinator. She will play an integral role, enhancing our level of support to intended parents and engaging in international surrogacy. Anita is also the facilitator for one of our closed Facebook groups ‘Growing Families International Surrogacy Support’.

Too often Intended Parents engage in international surrogacy without full awareness of the risks. Legal complexities, and the myriad of moving obstacles. Our concierge support packages aim to educate and reduce the potential of risks.

Facebook Groups

The creation of the closed Facebook Groups is to address the many topics that are popping up and changing on a daily basis. Topics covered include the growing demand for surrogacy globally, the war in Ukraine and other economic factors that have put immense pressure on agency programs. The increased rates of surrogate mothers’ decline reputable clinics and case matches, the international movement of surrogate mothers, slow treatment and response times, the problems with gamete shipping. The popular new destinations that are advertising as unregulated cross-border surrogacy and pop-up agencies opening in hotspot locations, just to mention some of the topics.

The Growing Families Support Package options and pricing vary depending on your requirements, stage in your journey and nationality. First steps, we ask you to fill in a consultation form. Then we have a quick phone call to identify further information and understanding of your situations. After this stage we will be able to recommend the best concierge support package for you.
Contact our team for details.

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