by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2021-01-17 at 23:15:56

Surrogacy & Egg Donor IVF in Greece (Click to view)

For heterosexual couples and single females, Greece can offer a convenient and well-regulated destination for Donor-IVF and surrogacy, given the high standatrds of IVF, proximity and favourable laws providing pre-arrangement transfer of parentage. EmbryoClinic in Greece’s second-largest city, Thessalonii, has been offering solutions for European intended parents for many years. Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr Elias Tsakos provides a thorough overview of Greek processes, costs and timelines

Dr Elias Tsakos, EmbryoClinic, Greece


As 2019 comes to a close, it is worth looking back over the year at some of the trends as well as learnings in regard to Family building thru Surrogacy and or Egg Donation globally. Over the year, we ran 10 seminars in Australia, 8 in Europe, 1 in New Zealand, our National Australian conference […]

This guest blog is from Karen Holden at A City Law Firm. Getting advice early and being prepared, can help you have a smooth surrogacy journey, but if it goes wrong it’s not the end of the journey. Traditional Surrogacy in the UK. There are numerous pitfalls of undertaking your surrogacy journey in the UK. […]

Surrogacy Agency in Russia

Surrogacy is one of the most trending topics of the recent times. But it is not only high-end celebs like Jay Z, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian who pursued surrogacy to realize their parenthood dreams. Even though surrogacy is more accepted as a means of building family, many people are still unaware of the whole concept. […]