12.35 – 12.45pm

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-11-27 at 23:15:07

The Child’s Perspective

Critics insist that surrogacy isn’t fair on the unborn child who gets no choice in the matter. Claudia Calero endured a long battle with endometriosis and a hysterectomy. She would never carry the child she longed for. Then, back in in 1994, Claudia’s sister offered to carry a child using her own eggs – traditional surrogacy. They fought a three year battle in NSW to ensure the process could be recognised and parentage transferred. Baby Isabella was the result, birthed by her auntie in 1997. Now aged twenty-one, Isabella will talk about when she was told what, who she considers her mum, what she tells friends and the impact of surrogacy on her own sense of self.

Isabella Calero, NSW’s first child via surrogacy



Three Australian jurisdictions – NSW, ACT & Queensland – have laws criminalising overseas surrogacy. However like the long outdated provisions criminalising abortion in NSW, these are laws which have never been prosecuted. In fact even when the rare case has been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions, they have declined to take action. There […]

______________________________________________________________________________ Preliminary studies from China show no evidence that if a surrogate was infected with Co-Vid-19 she would pass it on to the child she births. Additional Time Off Work for Your Surrogate Some intended parents may want their surrogate to take additional time off work or work from home. The former may incur significant […]

Lawyer, Stewart Dalley of D&S Law, has both lived and professional experience of surrogacy, having represented several people with their surrogacy journeys (domestically and internationally) as well as having three children of his own through surrogacy. Stewart is considered an expert in the field of the laws related to human assisted reproduction, including surrogacy, sperm, […]