5.35 – 5.45pm

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2017-09-11 at 08:02:54

Legal Issues for UK Citizens (Click to view)

Answers some of the trickier legal questions in regard to surrogacy agreements, expense payments and parental orders in UK and international surrogacy. Also deals with the issue of parents with different nationalities

Andrew Spearman, A City Law Firm


Sarah Jefford

Australia’s eighth annual surrogacy & donor conference for intended parents for the first time had a whole day devoted to domestic surrogacy. A record crowd of 180 intended parents attended from around the country, to network,  and hear from experts, panels of surrogates, parents, egg donors, and donor-conceived children. The success of the event would […]

When James and Sara first decided on surrogacy as a mode to pursue their parenthood dreams, their minds were full of doubts and questions. They checked everything – online reviews and experiences of intended parents who had taken similar journeys But they were keen to understand whether there was a ‘ best surrogacy agency in […]

The issue of COVID-19 vaccine administration in pregnancy is a really contentious topic. Various professional organizations have offered guidance that has ranged from a strong endorsement of receiving vaccination to a more cautious stance. Evidence is showing that pregnant women are a high-risk category. What this means is if surrogates contract Covid and this develops […]