Egg Donation Brings Hope


For those experiencing infertility due to advanced maternal age, diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), genetic factors. recurrent implantation failure or miscarriage, the road ahead can appear bleak & hopeless. When you are over 40 and your own eggs fail you, where do you turn? 

This is one of those times in life, when you face a deep desire that is slipping to out of reach fast.  

But there is a way!

The wonder of  Egg Donation can offer countless women and couples a renewed sense of hope and possibility. 

It is a method of assisted reproduction that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, where a young woman (preferably under 30) will donate her eggs to assist recipients in the hope of conception. 

Egg donation is not exclusively for women experiencing infertility. It is also for same sex couples and independent prospective parents (single by choice).

With donor eggs we also see higher birth rates, with fewer abnormalities. As woman, over 40 who use their own eggs have a limited success rate of 7.2% per IVF cycle. The use of donor eggs can provide success rates (live birth) of up to 49%. (According to recent data for 2022 throughout clinics in the USA).

Many are now choosing to travel abroad for egg donation for various reasons. 

Primarily, due to a lack of available young donors in their own countries. Tough legislation is adding stress & obstacles to an already emotional & difficult journey. More & more Intended Parent’s in the UK, Australia & New Zealand are opting to find an egg donor overseas. Travelling to popular clinics in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, South Africa, USA & Asia as well as other parts of Europe.

These popular destinations work closely with donor agencies that can provide a far larger selection of young, available donors who have had much success with previous donations “proven donors” (as well as first time donors) and will allow the entire process to be completed in a very short time frame. It’s the fastest route to a successful pregnancy. 

For donor recipients, they need to know they can work with professional clinics. Clinics that care for their needs & provide the best results in the most optimal timeframe.  

From my own first hand experience, travelling to the USA for my egg donation cycle was the final step in my own long journey to conceive. Over 3 years of IVF with my own eggs & 8 unsuccessful rounds .. it seemed clear at 45 that if I wanted a baby I would need to use an Egg Donor. And I was finally blessed with a wonderful pregnancy and a baby at the age of 47. Well worth the wait. 

So it seems Egg Donation is the answer for so many of us on this path to parenthood. Offering a much more favourable outcome. With a professional clinic, a wonderful Doctor and team at the helm, most will eventually achieve their dream . Bringing home a baby at the end of a long, emotional journey.  

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Article by Karma Bottari

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