Chantelle Henry

For over 5 years, Chantelle’s wife tried to have a baby and after many years of heartache, the couple found out she was unable to get pregnant. It would instead be Chantelle carrying their children. When their son was born, for Chantelle it was such an amazing feeling knowing she was able to give her partner the child she had always dreamt of. A couple of years later, they decided they wanted to help another couple that couldn’t have a baby the traditional way. They looked into agencies, found one and quickly matched with Intended Dads in Feb 2021. They quickly became friends and the bond kept growing. In August of 2022 Chantelle was pregnant.Chantelle’s parents opened their home to their IFs when it was time to come for the birth of their son. Their IFs are now family having built a wonderful foundation of love and respect. Chantelle is currently pregnant with their 2nd child . They couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of Dr. Victory and his amazing team.